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Data & Surveillance FJI 2023

Product ID: CA3460D
Presented By: State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE

This program is from the 2023 Forensic Justice Institute.

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Credits are available only if viewed prior to 12/31/2024.

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This program is from the 2023 Forensic Justice Institute.

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Daniel Kahn Gillmor is a Senior Staff Technologist for ACLU's Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project, focused on the way our technical infrastructure shapes society and impacts civil liberties. As a free software developer and member of the Debian project, he contributes to fundamental tools that shape the possibilities of our information-rich environment. As a participant in the IETF he fosters the creation of new generations of networking and cryptographic protocols designed and optimized for privacy and security. He is an anti-surveillance advocate for privacy, justice, free speech, and data sovereignty. Daniel is a graduate of Brown University's computer science program.

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