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Wisconsin Probate & Estate Planning Statutes 2023

Product ID: AK0432E23
Published By: State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE
ISBN: 978-1-57862-661-8

Find what you need faster amidst the complex and dynamic laws pertaining to probate and estate issues with the 2021 edition of Wisconsin Probate and Estate Planning Statutes.

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Find what you need faster amidst the complex and dynamic laws pertaining to probate and estate issues with the 2021 edition of Wisconsin Probate and Estate Planning Statutes.

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584+ pp.; 2023
Updated annually
8-1/2" x 11" paperback


Chapter 19: General Duties of Public Officials
Chapter 24: Public Domain and the Trust Funds
Chapter 32: Eminent Domain
Chapter 40: Public Employee Trust Fund
Chapter 45: Veterans
Chapter 46: Social Services
Chapter 48: Children’s Code
Chapter 49: Public Assistance and Children and Family Services
Chapter 54: Guardianships and Conservatorships
Chapter 55: Protective Service System
Chapter 69: Collection of Statistics
Chapter 70: General Property Taxes
Chapter 71: Income and Franchise Taxes for State and Local Revenues
Subchapter I: Taxation of Individuals and Fiduciaries
Subchapter II: Special Provisions Applicable to Fiduciaries
Subchapter XIII: Interest and Penalties
Chapter 72: Estate Tax
Chapter 77: Taxation of Forest Croplands; Real Estate Transfer Fees; Sales and Use Taxes; County and Special District Sales and Use Taxes; Managed Forest Land; Economic Development Surcharge; Local Food and Beverage Tax; Local Rental Car Tax; Premier Resort Area Taxes; State Rental Vehicle Fee; Dry Cleaning Fees
Subchapter II: Real Estate Transfer Fee

Chapter 102: Worker’s Compensation
Chapter 108: Unemployment Insurance and Reserves
Chapter 109: Wage Payments, Claims and Collections
Chapter 112: Fiduciaries
Chapter 113: Uniform Joint Obligations Act
Chapter 125: Alcohol Beverages
Chapter 137: Authentications and Electronic Transactions and Records
Chapter 146: Miscellaneous Health Provisions
Chapter 154: Advance Directives
Subchapter I: Definitions
Subchapter II: Declaration to Physicians
Subchapter III: Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders
Subchapter IV: Authorization for Final Disposition
Chapter 155: Power of Attorney for Health Care
Chapter 157: Disposition of Human Remains
Chapter 177: Uniform Unclaimed Property Act
Chapter 178: Uniform Partnership Act
Chapter 179: Uniform Limited Partnership Act
Chapter 180: Business Corporations
Chapter 182: Miscellaneous Corporate Provisions; Turnpike Corporations
Chapter 183: Limited Liability Companies

Chapter 215: Savings and Loan Associations
Chapter 219: Investments
Chapter 223: Trust Company Banks and Other Fiduciaries
Chapter 226: Foreign Corporations
Chapter 243: General Provisions Relating to Fraudulent Conveyances and Contracts
Chapter 244: Uniform Power of Attorney for Finances and Property
Chapter 292: Remedial Action
Chapter 302: Prisons; State, County and Municipal
Chapter 342: Vehicle Title and Anti-Theft Law
Chapter 403: Uniform Commercial Code — Negotiable Instruments
Chapter 404: Uniform Commercial Code — Bank Deposits and Collections
Chapter 445: Funeral Directors
Chapter 551: Wisconsin Uniform Securities Law

Chapter 700: Interests in Property
Chapter 701: Trusts
Chapter 702: Powers of Appointment
Chapter 704: Landlord and Tenant
Chapter 705: Multiple-Party and Agency Accounts; Nonprobate Transfers at Death; Transfer on Death Security Registration
Chapter 706: Conveyances of Real Property; Recording; Titles
Chapter 711: Digital Property Chapter 757: General Provisions Concerning Courts of Record, Judges, Attorneys and Clerks
Chapter 766: Property Rights of Married Persons; Marital Property
Chapter 767: Actions Affecting the Family
Chapter 770: Domestic Partnership
Chapter 786: Disposition of Lands of Wards; Specific Performance; Change of Names; Establish Heirships
Chapter 801: Civil Procedure — Commencement of Action and Venue
Chapter 803: Civil Procedure — Parties
Chapter 806: Civil Procedure — Judgment
Chapter 813: Injunctions, Ne Exeat and Receivers
Chapter 814: Court Costs, Fees, and Surcharges
Chapter 815: Executions

Chapter 851: Probate — Definitions and General Provisions
Chapter 852: Intestate Succession
Chapter 853: Wills
Chapter 854: Transfers at Death — General Rules
Chapter 856: Opening Estates
Chapter 857: Powers and Duties of Personal Representatives
Chapter 858: Probate – Inventory
Chapter 859: Probate – Claims
Chapter 860: Probate – Sale, Mortgage and Lease of Property
Chapter 861: Probate – Family Rights
Chapter 862: Probate – Accounts
Chapter 863: Closing Estates
Chapter 865: Probate – Informal Administration
Chapter 867: Probate – Summary Procedures
Chapter 868: Probate – Ancillary Procedures
Chapter 877: Actions by and Against Personal Representatives, Heirs, and Legatees
Chapter 878: Probate Bonds
Chapter 879: Probate — Notice, Appearance, Appeal and Miscellaneous Procedure

Chapter 881: Trust Fund Investments
Chapter 882: Adoption of Adults
Chapter 893: Limitations of Commencement of Actions and Proceedings; Procedure for Claims Against Governmental Units
Chapter 895: Damages, Liability, and Miscellaneous Provisions Regarding Actions in Courts
Chapter 938: Juvenile Justice Code
Chapter 943: Crimes Against Property
Chapter 990: Construction of Statutes



The 2023 edition is current through the 2021–22 Wisconsin Statutes and Public Law No. 117-362 (Jan. 5, 2023). The 2023 Edition includes recent legislation that:

  • Creates a procedure to allow for the nonprobate transfer of farming implements to a designated beneficiary upon the owner’s death
  • Incorporates the relevant updates to the Uniform Partnership Law, Uniform Limited Partnership Law, and Uniform Limited Liability Company Law concerning deceased partners and LLC members
  • Adds telepsychologists to the list of individuals who can determine a principal’s capacity for purposes of activating power of attorney
  • Expands the definition of “health care provider” to include a psychologist with temporary authorization to practice in Wisconsin, telepsychologists, naturopathic doctors, and genetic counselors

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