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Preparing for Your Compulsory Medical Exam: Spanish Version (Preparación Para Su Examen Médico Obligatorio) - DVD
  • ED0037

Topics covered in this DVD:

  • A Routine Procedure
  • Use Reasonable Caution
  • Don’t Take it Personally
  • Be Alert, Relaxed, and Polite
  • Be Prepared
  • Know Where to Go, When, and Who to See
  • Meeting the Doctor
  • Answering Questions
  • Describing Pain
  • The Physical Examination
  • Tests
  • After the Exam
  • You Are Ready


  • Your Own Case
  • True or False?
  • Complete the Statement

Help your Spanish-speaking clients ace their medical exams

Make sure your Spanish-speaking clients don’t let their guard down during their compulsory medical exam by educating them on what to expect. This DVD — produced in dialect-neutral Spanish with a Spanish-speaking cast — walks clients though the examination process and alerts them to potential dangers so they feel prepared and more confident going into the medical exam.

Ease your clients’ anxieties and increase their confidence

Preparación Para Su Examen Médico Obligatorio uses realistic examples to give your clients a look at the entire medical exam process in a way they can understand. By watching the DVD, they will become more familiar with the exam process — and less anxious. It also shows how to bridge the language barrier through an interpreter.

Your clients will learn:

  • How to properly describe their pain
  • How to accurately prepare their medical history
  • Never to sign documents presented by the defense physician
  • To document what was said and done during the exam

Order your copy today!

Order Preparing for Your Compulsory Medical Exam and help your Spanish-speaking clients put themselves in the best position to receive fair compensation for their injuries.

Approx. 56 min.

Includes two booklets designed to help your clients review key concepts long after the DVD ends.

English-language DVD version available

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