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Professional Communications in the Law Office: Telephones, Voicemail and Beyond - DVD
  • ED0026

Topics covered in DVD include:

Basic Telephone Techniques

  • Preparing yourself mentally
  • Being positive and helpful
  • Being friendly
  • Making each caller feel important
    • Listen actively
    • Don’t interrupt
    • Use the caller’s name
    • Speak clearly and at a moderate pace
    • Rephrase the message for accuracy
    • Explain your actions

The proper protocols and procedures

  • Keep firm’s recorded greeting brief and pleasant
  • Encourage the caller to leave a message
  • Avoid having calls go straight to voicemail
  • Establish a policy for after-hours calls
  • Determine who is to have access to others’ voicemail
  • Check all phones for messages at the end of the day

When creating a personal voicemail greeting

  • Date your recording
  • Share information on your availability
  • Inform callers when and if you’ll be checking messages
  • Say when you’ll get back to them
  • For extended absences, give the caller alternatives

Establish an email policy

  • Employee rights to privacy
  • Email is not secure

Don’t depend on email in emergencies

When every call or message could help win a case

This DVD was created to introduce new staff members to the special rules and expectations that govern communication in the law office. It can also be used as a great refresher course to keep everyone on the same page. This training DVD offers demonstrations of essential professional communication skills necessary in a law office. From email to cell phones to voice mail, your staff will see how common sense, courtesy, and professionalism pay off for a law office

Your staff will learn:

  • Basic telephone techniques
  • Proper voicemail etiquette
  • How to handle calls from upset callers
  • Practical tips for using email
  • How to recognize and handle potential new clients

Emphasize the importance of communications

The DVD demonstrates that the flow of information and messages is the lifeblood of a law office. Accurate re-enactments show how proper handling of messages can make or break a client relationship.

Stress working as a team

Your staff members will see that their contribution to client service can be key, and how offering to help or asking questions can go a long way toward creating a positive experience for clients.

Ensure your office communicates professionally

Professional Communications in the Law Office is a detailed and thorough review that will get your staff up to speed on the importance of every call or messages. Order your copy today!

27 min.

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