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Preparing for Your Personal Injury Case - DVD
  • ED0024

Content outline

  • Basic facts about personal injury cases
  • Process of a personal injury case
    • Initial interview
    • Hiring an attorney
    • Proceeding with your case
    • Length of time
    • Value of case
  • Litigation
  • Guidelines to protect your case
  • Working with your attorney
  • Vocabulary
  • Exercises

Help your clients prepare emotionally for their personal injury case

To help prepare any client who may be considering whether to file a personal injury lawsuit, this DVD lays out the steps — and the emotions — involved. The program walks the viewer through an automobile injury accident from the initial consultation with an attorney through settlement of the case.

Your clients will learn:

  • Basic terminology used in personal injury actions
  • Basic information regarding the process of pursuing a case
  • What to expect every step of the way
  • How to effectively interact with an attorney and how fees are determined
  • The factors that may affect decisions made during the case

Figuring out if you have a case

In the dramatization presented in this DVD, the major factors that may influence whether to file a lawsuit are reviewed, including the facts of the accident and the other driver’s insurance or other funds available. The potential gain is weighed against the time and cost of pursuing a legal action, and the client’s expectations are brought down to earth.

Getting ready for intrusions

The DVD explains that if the other party does not want to settle, the trial process involves several possibilities your client should be ready for, including:

  • Divulging medical records
  • Undergoing a compulsory medical exam
  • Having friends and family members questioned
  • Not being able to discuss the case except with you, their lawyer

Make your clients more comfortable

After watching this DVD, your clients will know what’s ahead if they want to pursue a personal injury case, and be more familiar with the decisions they will make with your counsel.

17 min.

Includes two booklets designed to help your clients review key concepts long after the video ends.

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