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Preparing Your Expert Witness - DVD
  • ED0023

Topics covered in Preparing Your Expert Witness include:

  • The Role of the Expert Witness
  • Information You Need When You’re Retained
  • Rules of Discovery and How They Affect the Expert
  • How You Should Protect Yourself From Discovery
  • Substantiating an Expert’s Opinion
  • The Steps to Formulating an Expert Opinion
  • How to Document Your Background

The Deposition

  • What Happens at a Deposition
  • Types of Questions You Will Be Asked
  • What You Have To Do
  • What You Can Do

The Trial

  • How You Should Prepare
  • Demonstrative Evidence
  • What Happens During Direct Examination
  • Objectives of Cross Examination
  • Cross Examination Techniques You Should Know About
  • Your Other Trial Responsibilities


  • Organizing Your Facts and Research
  • Answering Questions Simply, Clearly and Honestly

Help your expert witness understand the trial process

Your expert witness is not necessarily an expert at testifying in court. Appearing before a judge and jury and being cross-examined can be intimidating. But with the helpful training this DVD provides, your expert witness can be more at ease, and thus more helpful to your case.

This DVD informs expert witnesses what lawyers expect and need from them. The narration is directed at the expert witness, using realistic deposition and courtroom scenes to help make your expert ready for the experience of testifying.

Preparing Your Expert Witness offers:

  • Background on the role an expert witness plays
  • Valuable deposition techniques
  • Tips on presenting complicated information in plain English
  • Guidance on standing up to cross-examination
  • Effective methods of using demonstrative evidence
  • Advice on proper personal demeanor and appearance

Testimony in a realistic case

Preparing Your Expert Witness is geared to help nonlawyers understand the legal process. It’s thorough and uses lists to reinforce points. Best of all, it has actors and lawyers you can identify with, grappling with a realistic case.

Preparing Your Expert Witness was produced by the State Bar of Wisconsin as part the PINNACLE Law Office Videos series that’s used and endorsed by several other state bars, including Texas, North Carolina, and Alabama.

Help your expert witness excel

Experience the high quality of Preparing Your Expert Witness for yourself by ordering today. It’s the resource you need to help expert witnesses give accurate and effective testimony.

30 min.

Order your DVD today!

Includes two booklets designed to help your witnesses review key concepts long after the DVD ends.


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