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Legal Ethics for Support Staff - DVD
  • ED0017

Key chapters of Legal Ethics for Support Staff

  1. Do not give legal advice
  2. Preserve client confidentiality
    • Never discuss your client’s business outside of the office
    • Bring confidentiality concerns to the attention of the attorney
  3. Avoid conflicts of interest
  4. Handle trust accounts carefully
  5. Help the attorney represent the client diligently
  6. Help facilitate communication
    • Promptly inform the attorney of any information you learn from the client
  7. Learn about your office’s ethics procedures

Make sure your support staff understands the ethical aspects of their jobs

This instructive DVD presents a variety of ethical and professional issues that arise in a law office. With it, you can prepare your staff for possible ethical situations they may face, and effectively demonstrate a variety of ways to handle and prevent ethical violations.

Stress the importance of ethical behavior

Ethics is a complex issue for all who work in the legal profession. The solutions to ethical questions are seldom obvious. Use Legal Ethics for Support Staff as part of your reasonable efforts to ensure your staff members understand the ethical aspects of their jobs.

Ethical situations presented include:

  • A staff member who mentions to her husband that a client is selling a house, only to have the information jeopardize the client’s career plans
  • Two lawyers in the firm not realizing they were each representing a party in the same divorce
  • A discussion of a client’s bankruptcy case being overheard in the hallway
  • How to handle transactions in the firm’s trust account

Help your staff learn ethical standards

With the help of this DVD’s demonstrations, your staff will be able to identify potential missteps and use effective methods of dealing with confidential situations.

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22 min.

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