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Preparing for Your Deposition: Spanish Version (Preparando Su Declaración) – DVD
  • ED0013

Help your Spanish-speaking clients excel at their depositions

A poor deposition can cost your client his or her case by being a serious impediment in settlement negotiations or at trial. Depositions are an unfamiliar and intimidating experience for most people. Help prepare your Spanish-speaking clients and calm their nerves with this popular DVD.

Relaxed clients give better testimony

By watching situational reenactments, your Spanish-speaking clients will learn how to give effective testimony by discovering the important dos and don’ts of being deposed. The accurate dramatizations in Preparing for Your Deposition — produced in dialect-neutral Spanish with a Spanish-speaking cast — show your clients what to expect, and provide pointers to help them give confident, relaxed, and credible testimony.

Teach your clients helpful deposition preparation tips such as:

  • Understanding the question before answering
  • Never volunteering information
  • Never guessing at an answer
  • Always telling the truth

A better-prepared client means a great chance of success

Using a training DVD to reinforce and rehearse clients before depositions has proven valuable to hundreds of law practices nationwide. With adequate preparation, you’ll gain:

  • Increased credibility for the deposition testimony
  • Less chance of your client getting angry or upset and saying too much
  • More trust and confidence from your client

Topics covered in this DVD:

The Basics

  • What Happens at a Deposition?
  • What is the Purpose of a Deposition?
  • Who Will Be There?
  • What Do You Have to Do?

The Guidelines

  • Stay Within the Limits of the Question
  • Be Forthright and Truthful
  • Avoid Guessing at the Facts
  • Understand the Question
  • Don’t Advocate Your Case
  • Sympathy
  • Be Consistent in Your Facts
  • Give Full Attention Throughout the Deposition

Working With Your Attorney

  • Opposing Attorney’s Style
  • Videotape
  • Documents


  • Your Own Case: The Facts
  • Your Own Case: Attitude
  • Handling the Tough Situations

Help your Spanish-speaking clients feel confident and in control

The more you can familiarize your Spanish-speaking clients with the deposition process, the better they’ll be able to aid their case.

Order your copy today!

28 min.

Includes two booklets designed to help your clients review key concepts long after the DVD ends.

English-language version available

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