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Preparing for Your Business Deposition - DVD
  • ED0003

Help your clients succeed in their business depositions

Through re-enactments and interviews with four experienced business lawyers, your clients will learn effective tips and common pitfalls to avoid during their deposition. This DVD has helped lawyers across the nation prepare thousands of executives, business owners, and managers for their business depositions.

Business owners are a special breed

Entrepreneurs and business owners are used to giving orders, not answering loaded questions. They’re often upset that their business dealings have gone to court — and now they have to face a deposition? They’ll wonder what to expect: Will they be grilled by the opponent’s attorney? How should they act?

Show them what to watch out for

Preparing for Your Business Deposition is geared exclusively for business people. The lawyers relate no-nonsense cautionary tales of real business owners who lost control in the deposition process. Key points are demonstrated by actors in realistic deposition settings.

This DVD emphasizes:

  • Avoiding the urge to volunteer information
  • Controlling emotions
  • Giving short, simple answers
  • Understanding the question before answering

Major sections of Preparing for Your Business Deposition:

1. Volunteering information

  • Illustrates why it’s not a good idea to go beyond the scope of the questions

2. “I don’t know” versus “I don’t remember”

  • Explains a subtle but important distinction that can save a lawsuit

3. The demeanor of the witness

  • Shows how getting emotional can play into the hands of the opposing counsel

4. Objections and paying attention

  • Scenarios alert the witness to why counsel might object to a question, and to really listen closely to the questions

5. Understanding definitions

  • Sharpens the witnesses awareness of what certain terms mean when used in a legal setting rather than a business setting

Help prepare your business clients

Experience the high quality of Preparing for Your Business Deposition for yourself by ordering today. It’s the only resource you need to help your business clients feel successful at their deposition.

18 min.

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