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Understanding Alternative Dispute Resolution - DVD
  • ED0002

Inform your clients about the alternatives to litigation

Going to court may not always fit the needs of your clients. It’s important for them to realize that there are alternatives, including mediation and arbitration, that may fit their needs better. This DVD covers all the non-courtroom methods people can use to settle their differences, and what the advantages and processes are for each type of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Advise clients on the best way to reach their goals

The DVD explains that your clients’ main consideration in deciding which dispute resolution method is best for them is determining what their goals are. Then you can advise them on which method will most likely achieve those goals. Your clients’ goals could include:

  • Minimizing cost
  • Maximizing speed
  • Ensuring privacy
  • Maintaining relationships
  • Getting vindication
  • Maximizing recovery

Inform your client on the processes

By watching this DVD your clients will become familiar with what will be expected of them under the two main types of ADR, mediation and binding arbitration. From dressing appropriately to being honest and straightforward, your clients will become familiar with their role in ADR.

Topics covered in the video include:

The Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • ADR fills a need
  • Direct negotiation
  • Early neutral evaluation
  • Focus group
  • Mediation
  • Mini-trial
  • Moderated settlement conference
  • Nonbinding arbitration
  • Settlement alternative
  • Binding arbitration


  • Benefits of mediation
  • Knowing what you want
  • How does a mediator get selected?
  • What is the role of the mediator?
  • What is the process of mediation?
  • What are my responsibilities?
  • What is a caucus?
  • Agreement

Binding Arbitration

  • Benefits of binding arbitration
  • How is an arbitrator selected?
  • What is the role of the arbitrator?
  • What is the process of arbitration?
  • What are my responsibilities?
  • What is meant by “award,” and how is it determined?

Put your clients at ease

By using this DVD to reinforce and illustrate your advice, you can help your clients become comfortable with the idea of ADR and be more willing to work with you on finding the best method for their needs.

26 min.


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