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Advocacy for Low-Income Clients: Tackling Issues with Medicaid and Employability - 2017
  • CA2609D

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About the Program

Who should purchase:

  • Public interest lawyers
  • Employment law attorneys
  • Criminal defense litigators
  • Estate planning lawyers
  • Family law practitioners
  • Benefits specialists
  • Policy advocates

How you’ll benefit:

  • Explore Wisconsin’s Medicaid Birth Cost Recovery Policy and its impact on parents
  • Receive an overview of Medicaid's estate recovery and divestment rules
  • Understand employment discrimination laws surrounding arrest and conviction
  • Hear best practices for applicants with troubled backgrounds and for the employers hiring them
  • Find out how poverty can result in driver's license loss and learn ways to restore licenses
  • Discover processes for expunging conviction records and other criminal information

Advocacy for Low-Income Clients: Tackling Issues with Medicaid and Employability

*Produced by the Public Interest Law Section of the State Bar of Wisconsin in partnership with State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE®

Small infractions, big hurdles

In a legal situation like an arrest or suspended driver’s license, the stakes are high for clients with low incomes. The outcomes of legal matters often mean the difference between keeping and losing a job or between staying eligible for support and losing benefits.

Advocacy for Low-Income Clients: Tackling Issues with Medicaid and Employability gives you the background and tools to assist those in poverty with common legal hurdles, equipping you to make a tangible difference in their lives.

Making sense of Medicaid

In the patchwork of financial assistance needed by low-income individuals, Medicaid is a common thread. This seminar focuses on two facets of Medicaid with far-reaching impacts on people in poverty – the Birth Cost Recovery Policy and Estate Recovery Program.

Wisconsin is one of a few states that seeks to recover Medicaid expenditures for childbirth from the father if the parents are unmarried. Receive an overview of the Birth Cost Recovery Policy, including:

  • How birth cost judgment amounts are established
  • Effects on maternal health care choices
  • Unintended consequences for low-income fathers

The Estate Recovery Program collects repayment for the cost of certain long-term-care services. Understand the key aspects of this program as well as the rules governing asset divestment in order to become eligible for Medicaid. Learn about Wisconsin’s priority of debts statute, and find out how to work effectively with the Estate Recovery Program and the Income Maintenance Consortia.

Gaining an edge in employability

Low-income individuals – especially those with criminal records – may face any number of challenges finding a job. Receive a grounding in employment discrimination laws surrounding arrest and conviction, and find five tips for job applicants with troubled backgrounds.

Getting a job is one hurdle. Being able to legally drive to that job could be another. People with low incomes can struggle to pay traffic ticket fines, resulting in license suspension. Review the types of driver’s license suspensions and revocations in Wisconsin. Then explore the available ways to restore licenses.

Finally, receive an introduction to criminal and court record expungement. Learn what’s necessary to remove information in situations involving:

  • Records of Conviction
  • Adjudications of Delinquency
  • Wisconsin Crime Information Bureau
  • Consolidated Court Automation Programs (CCAP)

Putting the brakes on poverty

Legal hurdles can quickly trap low-income residents in a cycle of continued poverty. Learn how you can help stop the cycle at Advocacy for Low-Income Clients: Tackling Issues with Medicaid and Employability. Purchase now!


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