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Adult Guardian ad Litem Training 2017
  • CA2585D

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About the Program

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Who should purchase:

  • Guardians ad litem for adults
  • Elder law attorneys
  • Family law practitioners

How you’ll benefit:

  • Know how to handle a GAL assignment from initial appointment through payment
  • Discover the differences between the GAL’s role in both mediation and litigation in contested proceedings
  • Understand the unique ethical duties of working with pro se petitioners and unrepresented parties
  • Learn best practices for communicating with older adults
  • Find out how to uncover suspected abuse during your GAL interview

The ABCs for GALs

Our popular annual training for adult guardians ad litem (GALs) is back with more important principles and helpful advice for GALs of all experience levels.
The Adult Guardian ad Litem Training 2017 takes you from your first appointment all the way through to final payment. Understand the essential skills every GAL should have, including:

  • Tips for all stages of guardianship and protective placement cases
  • How to navigate a temporary guardianship
  • Guidelines for conducting a Watts review
  • Ways of working with pro se petitioners and unrepresented parties
  • The unique ethical duties, responsibilities, and implications GALs face

Great guidance for guardians

You’ll also learn the finer points of communication in various challenging situations, such as:

  • Best practices for interviewing adults with dementia, mental illness, disabilities, and other impairments
  • What to do if you suspect abuse or mistreatment
  • How to approach mediation and litigation in contested guardianship proceedings

Whether you’re a brand new GAL or have been doing it for years, the Adult Guardian ad Litem Training 2017 will equip you with crucial tools you need to succeed. Watch today!

Original Seminar Date - 5/17/17

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