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Governmental Claims & Immunities Handbook, Wisconsin
  • AK0186
  • 978-1-57862-237-5

130+ pp; 3rd ed. 2014-15

(Includes 2018-19 supplement)

Get a guide to governmental tort litigation

Let this volume be your guide to the world of governmental tort litigation. It will enable you to:

  • Identify sovereign immunity, governmental immunity, and discretionary immunity
  • Learn to distinguish between absolute immunity and qualified immunity
  • Never again be caught unaware by the notice requirements that are prerequisite to filing suit against the state
  • No longer be lost when venturing into the realm of claims against the federal government

Written by seasoned governmental law practitioners

The Wisconsin Governmental Claims and Immunities Handbook is the first book to compile all the relevant governmental immunity statutes, both state and federal, in one handy resource. It includes chapters on all types of immunity, notice procedures, and the Federal Tort Claims Act. The Handbook’s thorough Table of Cases, Table of Statutes, and index enhance its usefulness.

New in the 2018-2019 supplement

Better understand key developments such as:

  • Whether governmental immunity bars state law claims against non-medical defendants
  • A Wisconsin Court of Appeals decision on what counts as a recreational activity under the recreational-activity-immunity statute
  • A Wisconsin Supreme Court discussion of notice-of-claim provision application

Your essential resource

Required reading for both plaintiff’s attorneys and government attorneys alike, the Wisconsin Governmental Claims and Immunities Handbook is an essential resource for anyone dealing with a claim against a governmental entity.

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