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Family Law Casenotes and Quotes
  • AK0056
  • 978-1-57862-280-1

2140+ pp., 6th edition 2017-2018
(Includes July 2017-2018 supplement)
Three volumes

Updated three times each year.

Expedite your research and make family law cases more understandable

To get the ultimate research tool for Wisconsin family law attorneys and judges, look no further. Family Law Casenotes and Quotes puts three volumes of critical information at your disposal — thoroughly indexed for fast retrieval. 


Compiling family law cases published since the Divorce Reform Act of 1977 (and noteworthy, citable unpublished opinions issued after July I, 2009), Family Law Casenotes and Quotes tackles the many issues that commonly come up in family law cases. From abduction to paternity to visitation (and all areas in between), you’ll quickly get the information you need to bolster your case! 


Each entry provides:

  1. The case’s name and full citation, including subsequent history
  2. The name of the trial court judge and the county in which the case was heard
  3. The name of the appellate judge who wrote the decision
  4. A concise statement of the case’s relevant facts, including procedural aspects
  5. The case’s important quotations and pinpoint citations for those quotations
  6. Bolded subject terms highlighting each case’s most important topics


Add it all together, and you get relevant information that’s easy to find. Not only does the book arrange the cases in the order in which they appear in the official Wisconsin case reporter volumes, but the index also alphabetizes the key subject terms that identify each case’s major topics. These major topics are then broken into subheadings, allowing you to pinpoint the information you need.  


To keep you on top of the decisions that could affect your cases, Family Law Casenotes and Quotes is updated three times annually — ensuring you have up-to-date information and allowing you to structure your cases and arguments using the most recent decisions in your favor. 

The Sixth Edition

The sixth edition (December 2017) completely replaces the fifth edition (published in November 2015 and updated through August 2017).
In addition to revisions to existing casenotes, the sixth edition includes new cases addressing issues such as:

  • Property division
  • Maintenance
  • Putative marriage
  • Contempt
  • Sanctions

The book’s index and tables have also been updated to incorporate these new and revised casenotes.

Stay current with the latest supplement

The July 2018 supplement includes:

  • Three new casenotes addressing:
    • Grandparental visitation
    • Contempt
    • Paternity procedures
  • Eighteen revised casenotes
  • Updated Editors’ Notes on recent legislative developments affecting child removal and relocation

In addition, the index and tables have been updated to incorporate these new and revised casenotes.

The March 2018 supplement includes two new casenotes and eight revised casenotes. The new casenotes address the issues of unjust enrichment and contempt. In addition, the book’s index and tables have been updated to incorporate these new and revised casenotes.

The August 2017 supplement includes three new casenotes and 10 revised casenotes. The new casenotes address issues such as contempt, discovery sanctions, and military retirement pay. In addition, the book’s index and tables have been updated to incorporate the new and revised casenotes.

Summary of contents

Volume I

  • Introduction
  • Published Cases (1980-1994)

Volume II

  • Published Cases (1994-2008)

Volume III

  • Published Cases (2009-current)
  • Unpublished Cases (2009-current)
  • Other Cases
  • Table of Judges
  • Table of Cases
  • Other References
  • List of Main Headings
  • Index to Casenotes

No family law attorney’s resource library is complete without this invaluable compilation!

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