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Economics of Law Practice in Wisconsin 2017 Survey Report
  • JC0007E17

113+ pp.; 2018

How do you measure up?

Have you ever wondered how your practice compares to other law firms in the Badger State? Now you can find out. The Economics of Law Practice in Wisconsin: 2017 Survey Report compiles and analyzes survey results from lawyers all over the state. Learn how you can improve your practice with invaluable insights from your fellow lawyers.

What you’ll find:

  • Top areas of practice
  • Private practitioner net income, by demographics
  • Private practitioner hourly billing rates
  • Private practitioner billing methods
  • Office expenses and revenues
  • Law office support staff salaries
  • Work volume for each category (private practice, government/academic, corporate)
  • Benefits by employer category
  • Billing and timekeeping practices
  • Trends in marketing legal services
  • Perceptions of the supply and demand for legal services
  • Change in workload over past two years and over next two years
  • Changes in billable hours policy

Discover relevant, accurate information to inform and guide your practice management decisions. The Economics of Law Practice in Wisconsin: November 2017 Survey Report can help you answer questions such as:

  • How do lawyers spend their time in a typical work week?
  • What percentage of a practice’s earnings go towards staff salaries and other overhead costs?
  • Are there communities without adequate amounts of legal assistance?
  • Do lawyers anticipate their workloads increasing in the next two years?
  • Are practices increasing their billing rates?
  • What services do lawyers perform most frequently?
  • Do any law firms credit pro bono work?
  • How are lawyers marketing their firms?

Plus, glean helpful comparisons from the report’s straightforward data, charts, tables, and appendices. Manage your practice more efficiently and effectively with the observations you’ll find in Economics of Law Practice in Wisconsin: November 2017 Survey Report.

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Fast Facts

  • Data provided by 1,220 State Bar of Wisconsin members
  • Types of lawyers surveyed:
    • Private practitioners (solo and group firms)
    • Government and academic attorneys
    • Corporate attorneys and in-house counsel
  • More than 60 pages of information
  • Research conducted by State Bar staff in partnership with Clearspring Research
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