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Alcohol Beverages Regulation in Wisconsin
  • AK0363
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1264+ pp.; 2nd ed. 2016

2 Volumes

Find top-shelf guidance on alcohol laws

If you ever had a client interested in buying a bar, restaurant, grocery, convenience store, or liquor store, you know how essential a retail alcohol beverage license is for these businesses — and how complex and arcane the laws and regulations concerning alcohol can be at every level of government.

That’s where the new book Alcohol Beverages Regulation in Wisconsin comes in. You’ll find it provides a comprehensive review of the laws relating to alcohol beverages regulation in Wisconsin.

Avoid legal hangovers

With guidance from Alcohol Beverages Regulation, you won’t miss an aspect of the laws affecting alcohol beverages in Wisconsin, from manufacture through taxation, transport, storage, and sale, up to and including legal details regarding who can buy it, how, and when. 

Newly updated

The 2016-17 revision incorporates key legal developments, such as:

  • Recent Wisconsin legislation regarding “wine walks”
  • A 2016 Ninth Circuit case discussing whether tied-house restrictions are subject to challenge under the First Amendment
  • Discussion on crowdfunding of breweries and interest restrictions
  • Rule changes regarding bonds and annual excise tax liability levels
  • Recent class actions alleging false and deceptive labeling, packaging, and marketing of alcohol products

Summary of content

  1. Introduction to Alcohol Beverages Regulation 
  2. Authority to Regulate Alcohol Beverages 
  3. Retailers 
  4. Wholesalers, Out-of-State Shippers, and Importers 
  5. Brewers 
  6. Wineries 
  7. Distilled Spirits Producers 
  8. Advertising and Unfair Competition 
  9. Taxation of Alcohol Beverages 
  10. Administrative Proceedings, Enforcement, and Penalties 

Table of Cases 
Table of Statutes, Regulations, and Rules 

Get the recipe right

Whether you represent retailers, distributors, producers, or others who need to conform to the regulatory system, you’ll appreciate Alcohol Beverages Regulation in Wisconsin’s centralized, coherent, and comprehensive review of these laws, organized in an easily accessible manner.

Order your copy today.

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