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National Presenter Series

 National Presenter Series


Be a star both in and out of the courtroom with the State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE® National Presenter Series. Receive coaching from nationally recognized speakers with experience helping lawyers rise to the challenges of today’s legal landscape.

Each presenter is an acknowledged leader in their particular field. Learn their secrets. Get an edge over your competition. Take your practice to the next level. From the latest tech tools to winning strategies for the courtroom, the National Presenter Series brings you the expertise to help you build your business and polish your practice.

Upcoming National Presenter Series Seminars

You’re Already Doing E-Discovery – Now Come Find Out How to Do It Right – Featuring Brett Burney

E-discovery consultant and technology guru Brett Burney shows you the ropes and demystifies the e-discovery process. Walk away with workflows and tools you that can make e-discovery easier &emdash; including resources created specifically for solo, small, and mid-size firms.

Past Presenters and Topics

A Cybersleuth’s Guide to Conducting Effective Internet Investigative Research – Featuring Carole Levitte
and Mark Rosch
Carole Levitt and Mark Rosch, internationally recognized internet trainers and authors, taught the secrets to creating more effective internet searches — from hidden Google search features and shortcuts to free public information resources and tips for unearthing crucial information.

Advanced Legal Negotiation Skills – Featuring Lee Jay Berman
Presenter Lee Jay Berman drew on his more than 20 years of experience as a commercial mediator to give attendees the tools they needed to successfully navigate challenging negotiations. Participants discovered how to maximize their influence, avoid manipulation, manage expectations, bring people to a decision, and get closure on their terms.

The Art and Science of Successful Settlements and Deals: The Experts Tell All – Featuring Marty Latz
In this seminar, some of the best negotiators in the country came together to discuss the approaches they would take in real-world negotiation situations. Participants walked away with useful strategies and helpful tips they could put into practice during their next settlement conference, mediation, or deal.

Dynamic Presentation Skills for Lawyers – Featuring Steve Hughes
Whether you're in the boardroom, the conference room, or the courtroom, you need to fully capture the attention of your audience. Leading presentation skills trainer Steve Hughes demystified the speaking process by showing practical, easy-to-implement strategies that will save time, make presenters' knowledge shine, and help them achieve results.

Finance for Lawyers – Featuring Joseph Novello
Attendees gained a competitive edge in negotiation and litigation with a clearer understanding of financial matters. International finance guru Joseph Novello showed how to identify and utilize financial and accounting information in a wide range of legal situations.

Gain the Edge!® Negotiation Strategies for Lawyers – Featuring Marty Latz
Negotiation master Marty Latz shared a treasure trove of techniques and tips for taking your skills to a completely new level. He presented his 5 Golden Rules of Negotiation as well as his secrets for getting past “No”, approaching emotionally charged negotiations, controlling the agenda, and more.

iPad for Lawyers – Featuring Brett Burney
In-demand technology trainer Brett Burney and special guest Nerino Petro showed participants how to unlock the iPad’s full potential as a legal and business tool. Attendees learned valuable tips they could start using immediately, including the best apps for lawyers, how to use MS Office and work with PDFs, and techniques for giving presentations using PowerPoint, Keynote, and TrialPad.

Negotiation Lessons from the Iran Nuclear Deal – Featuring Marty Latz
Negotiation superstars Martin E. Latz and Paul F. Eckstein explained what went right in the Iran Nuclear Deal negotiations, as well as instances when the U.S.’s approach was flawed. Attendees learned how to apply those same principles and practices in their own negotiations.

Turning Points at Trial – Featuring Shane Read
Shane Read broke down the techniques of outstanding trial lawyers and reveals the skills that allow them to turn the tide in their clients’ favor. Attendees learned how to beat an expert witness at a deposition, win their cases in the opening statement, make their witnessnes tell a powerful story during direct examination, avoid the biggest mistakes lawyers make in cross-examination, and ensure victory in the closing argument.

The Ultimate Music Copyright CLE via the The Fab Four – Featuring Jim Jesse
Although the music industry can seem a bit “Helter Skelter,” this seminar explained the rhythm of copyright law so you can hit all the right notes in your next case. Using The Beatles as a case study, music lawyer and singer-songwriting Jim Jesse provided an overview of core concepts in music copyright law, explained the legal framework surrounding successful artists, and discussed common ethical challenges.

Winning at Deposition – Featuring Shane Read
Popular presenter and author Shane Read shared his strategies for developing winning depositions. From tried and true techniques to avoiding damaging mistakes, attendees discovered the secrets to superior depositions.

Winning Your Case With a Better Memory – Featuring Paul Mellor
Mental phenom and memory trainer Paul Mellor shows attendees how mastering their memory can make them more persuasive in their arguments. He shares techniques to jumpstart memory that also increase efficiency and productivity.