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FAQ Classifieds Adding an image

 FAQ Classifieds Adding an image

How to include a logo or image

  • Browsing to image
    • Only files available on your hard drive can be used as a logo or image. Ensure that any image you would like to include has been saved onto your computer.
    • Upload your logo or another image by pressing the 'Browse' button, select the image from your files that you would like to include, and press 'OK.'
  • File size
    • File size should be under 40 KB to decrease loading time and ensure that a wide audience can view your logo.  You can determine the size of a file by right-clicking on the file, selecting 'Properties,' and reading the 'Size' value.  Alternatively, you can preview your ad, right click on your logo, and select 'Properties.'
  • Image width and height
    • Images should be no wider than 150 pixels.  There is no limit on the height of the image.
    • To determine the width and height of your image, right click on the image in the preview and select 'Properties.'  Under 'Dimensions' you'll see the width and height values (separated by an 'x').
  • HTML should not be used to add multiple images to the text.  Any images added in this way will be removed before approval.
  • Acceptable image formats are GIF and JPEG.
  • No animation in either logo or text is allowed.