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FAQ Placing an Ad

 FAQ Placing an Ad

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Placing an ad

Why advertise in WisBar classified ads?

  • No need to wait for print deadlines ... now you can receive immediate response to your ad. WisBar's online classifieds average nearly 75,000 visits per month.
  • Place and pay for your classified ads online anytime. It is easy, fast, and secure.
  • No limit to the length of your ad.
  • Free email and/or website links.
  • Include your logo or other image at no charge.
  • Only $110 per week for members; $165 per week for nonmembers. (Online only. No refunds for early cancellation of ads.)
  • Get additional exposure through RSS Feed and weekly Facebook re-cap.

Do I need to log in just to visit the site?

No. The majority of WisBar is accessible without logging in. We only ask you to log in when you are executing financial transactions - buying a book or registering for a seminar - accessing secure member information, or when you are changing information contained in your user profile.

How do I log in if I am not a State Bar of Wisconsin member?

If you are placing a classified ad on behalf of a State Bar of Wisconsin member, please have that member log in to ensure that all appropriate member discounts are applied, or contact Karen Richter to place the ad by phone.

If you have not created an account before, complete this form to create a new WisBar registered user account. If you receive the following error message, then we most likely have your email address on file.

That email address already exists in the database.
You must use a unique email address to create an account.

Would you like to:


If this happens, you can reset your password by using the Forgot your password? page. On the Forgot your password? page, you will need to enter the email address that is in your State Bar profile. Once you submit the form, an email message containing instructions on resetting your password will be sent to that address. If you do not get an email with these instructions, contact Customer Service.

How much does an online classified ad cost?

  • State Bar of Wisconsin members: $110/week
  • Nonmembers: $165/week
  • No refunds for early cancellation of ads
  • For information about advertising in the print Wisconsin Lawyer magazine, contact Karen Richter, (800) 444-9404, ext. 6132 or (608) 250-6132.

How do I write my ad?

There are eight steps to placing your ad online. The following outlines each of these steps.

Step One:

Select from the drop downs a main category and then subcategory for your ad. This is the area in which the ad will be listed.

Step Two:

Provide a title for your ad.

Step Three:

Add a full description of the ad for displaying. Include all details related to your ad, website links and contact information for the customer.

Step Four:

Add a logo/image (optional)

Upload your logo or another image by pressing the "Browse" button, select the image from your files that you would like to include, and press "OK." Logos and/or images should be no wider than 150 pixels. There is no additional charge for a logo or image in your ad. (How to include a logo or image.)

Step Five:

Provide the start date and duration of the ad, expressed in weeks. The number of weeks will be how your ad price is calculated.

Step Six:

Provide contact information including name, phone and email for who can be contacted if questions on the ad. This will not display in the ad.

Step Seven:

Preview your ad and make sure contact information is correct. If the ad is not correct, modify the form fields with any updates before continuing.

Step Eight:

Click on the 'Checkout' button to add this to your shopping cart, where you will be asked for your credit card information, and complete your order. You will not be able to alter you ad after you have added it to your cart. You may only remove it from your cart at this point.

What will my ad look like?

Sample ad

Sample classified ad

Can I make changes to my ad after it is posted?

To make changes to the text of your ad after it is posted, please contact Karen Richter, (800) 444-9404, ext. 6132 or (608) 250-6132. Simple text changes will be accommodated. Changing the entire ad constitutes a new purchase.

How do I renew or cancel my ad?

You can renew or cancel your ad at any time. To do so, contact Karen Richter, (800) 444-9404, ext. 6132 or (608) 250-6132. Payment for ads cancelled prior to expiration will not be refunded.

Does the State Bar offer a blind box service?

If you wish to remain confidential, the State Bar will assign a blind box number to your ad for an additional $50. All replies will be received by the State Bar and forwarded to you via email. Replies are typically forwarded daily.

Unfortunately, ads requesting blind box service cannot be self-posted. Please email your ad to with instructions on when to post and how long to post. Include the email address you want the replies forwarded to. Contact Karen Richter at (800) 444-9404, ext. 6132 or (608) 250-6132 with questions.

Replying to a Blind Box

Under no circumstances will the State Bar share the identity of a blind box holder. If there are firms you do not wish to apply to contract Karen Richter at (800) 444-9404, ext. 6132 or (608) 250-6132 for alternatives.

Third-party Replies to Blind Box Ads

The State Bar does not forward replies to blind box holders from other publications, jobsites, or recruiters.

What if I want to advertise in both the print Wisconsin Lawyer magazine and online?

Firms or businesses wishing to advertise in both the print Wisconsin Lawyer and in WisBar's classifieds should contact Karen Richter, (800) 444-9404, ext. 6132, or (608) 250-6132.

Why advertise in both the Wisconsin Lawyer and online?

Placing an ad online and in the print Wisconsin Lawyer magazine maximizes your exposure to Wisconsin's legal market. More than 25,000 attorneys receive the Wisconsin Lawyer each month. The State Bar of Wisconsin's flagship publication is regularly cited as one of the most important benefits of bar membership.

What is WisBar's classified advertising policy?

It is the practice of the State Bar of Wisconsin to accept advertising on any subject and for any product of service which is not illegal. The State Bar of Wisconsin may require modification of, or reject, advertising which in the judgment of its staff creates unacceptable risk of civil or criminal liability for the State Bar, violates the Wisconsin Rules of Professional Conduct, or whose embodiment is in bad taste. Any person aggrieved by a staff decision under this policy may seek review by the Communications Committee whose decision shall be final.

Note: Employment ads inconsistent with Wis. Stat. chapter 111 are not accepted. To avoid any implications of age discrimination, the State Bar of Wisconsin does not post any employment ads that cap the number of years' experience, i.e. "one to three years experience." Please remove the maximum number of years experience and consider rewording to "a minimum one year experience."

Is placing an ad online secure?

The State Bar of Wisconsin recognizes the importance of protecting the information collected from users in the operation of this website and in the placing of classified ads. Because your credit card security is a high priority, we have taken reasonable steps to maintain the integrity and privacy of your information to ensure that your payment information is processed confidentially, accurately, and securely. The State Bar of Wisconsin uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), an encryption technology that protects your credit card information. SSL encrypts all ordering information (name, address and credit card number) so no one can read it as it travels over the Internet.

WisBar Marketplace is secured by an EV (Extended Validation) SSL certificate. Information sent from web pages that begin with https is encrypted before transmission.

With regard to overall security, the State Bar always uses industry standard encryption technologies when transferring and receiving data exchanged with our site. The facilities that house our servers are physically secured to protect against the loss, misuse, or alteration of all data and information collected.


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