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Online Licenses

 Online Licenses

Enhance your firm's website with consumer information

We can help you get online and get noticed!Photo: Consumer Pamphlets

The Consumer Pamphlet Series is your source for content relevant to your practice. With minimal effort and investment, you can license any of the 20 titles for use on your website for just $75 per title per year for State Bar members. You simply license the content and then add it (or have your web producer add it) in either a PDF or HTML format.

Are you blowing your online marketing budget in the wrong place?

It’s finally happened; search engines like Google and Yahoo! have pulled ahead of printed Yellow Pages as the leading source for local business information. Three out of four Americans now use the Internet on a regular basis.

The importance of appearing in search engine results is critical. The saying, ‘if you can’t be Googled, you can’t be found,’ is truer than you realize.

According to Nielsen Online, in June 2009, the United States boasted 251.7 million Internet users. Of these users, more than 74% had used Google for their searches in June alone. How and where you land in these search results is critical to growing your practice.

We've got you covered

These reliable and consistently updated pamphlets cover common legal issues such as divorce, traffic accidents, and probate in clear, easy-to-understand language. Each pamphlet also explains the need for, and role of, an attorney in dealing with the particular issue. Since their introduction, the pamphlets have proven successful in communicating basic legal information to the public and as marketing tools to potential clients.

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To order, click on the individual titles below. Online subscriptions may also be purchased by calling Customer Service at (800) 728-7788 or by mailing/faxing the Pamphlet Order Form.


Choose from 19 titles:

Also available in print

Click here for more information and to purchase the print version of consumer pamphlets.