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Schedule and Faculty: Adult Guardian ad Litem Training 2017

 Schedule and Faculty: Adult Guardian ad Litem Training 2017


8:00 a.m. : Registration

8:30 a.m. : Adult GAL Basics

  • Handling an initial guardianship/protective placement case from appointment through payment
  • Navigating a temporary guardianship
  • Conducting an annual (“Watts”) review

Gretchen G. Viney

9:45 a.m. : Mediation v. Litigation: Dealing with Contested Guardianship Proceedings

  • What are the differences in both approaches, to lawyers and for clients?
  • Timing considerations for deciding how to proceed
  • Specific examples of what works, what does not, and at what cost
  • How issues of capacity affect mediation and litigation
  • What is the GAL's role in mediation and settlement negotiations?
Carol J. Wessels, Rachel Monaco-Wilcox

10:45 a.m. : Break

11:00 a.m. : Mediation v. Litigation: Dealing with Contested Guardianship Proceedings (continued)

12:00 p.m. : Lunch (on your own)

1:15 p.m. : The Public Benefits Every GAL Should Know

  • Overview of several important state public benefit programs and the program eligibility standards;
  • Why GALs need to include public benefit considerations in their recommendation and investigation; and
  • The role public benefits play when determining least restrictive placement

Avery J. Mayne

2:15 p.m. : Interviewing Skills for the GAL: Compassionate Communication

  • Best practices for talking with older adults, including people with dementia, mental illness, disabilities, and other impairments
  • How to ensure your annual GAL visit with the ward does not cause more harm than good
  • Tips for digging deeper when you fear abuse may be occurring
Kate Schilling

3:15 p.m. : Break

3:30 p.m. : Ethical Issues Involving Pro Se Guardianships and Other Unrepresentated Parties 

  • Ethical principles regarding interactions with unrepresented parties
  • Dealing with unrepresented petitioners in guardianship cases
  • Understanding the expectations of the appointing court

Robert T. Pledl

4:30 p.m. : Program Concludes

Following program start times, webcast replay schedule will vary slightly from above listed times.


Program Chairs:

Jessica A. Liebau
Wessels Law Office LLC


Avery J. Mayne
Walny Legal Group LLC
Robert T. Pledl
McNally Peterson, S.C.

Kate Schilling
GWAAR Elder Law & Advocacy Center

Gretchen G. Viney
University of Wisconsin Law School

Carol J. Wessels
Wessels Law Office LLC

Rachel Monaco-Wilcox
Rachel Monaco-Wilcox, LLC