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Build Your Practice Series

 Build Your Practice Series


The foundation you need to build and expand your practice


The Build Your Practice series from the State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE® introduces you to the fundamentals of various practice areas. Gain the tools, information, and strategies needed to develop a new area of practice and expand your firm’s offerings. Build Your Practice series programs are endorsed by the State Bar’s Young Lawyers Division.

Young Lawyers Save $20*

PINNACLE knows that you’re at the critical point in your career where you are developing your skills and practice, which is why Young Lawyers Division Members receive $20 off any of the Build Your Practice seminars. Discount will be applied automatically if purchased online. Discount does not apply to CLE OnDemand titles.

2019 Build Your Practice Seminars

Step-by-Step Estate Planning I

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Designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of estate planning practice, this seminar will teach you the most effective methods to draft wills, use trusts, and manage the tax liabilities of estates using the new Wisconsin Trust Code. In addition, you’ll learn about critical ethical issues that often arise in this challenging branch of the law.

Step-by-Step Estate Planning II

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Take your fundamental understanding of estate planning to the next level with Step-by-Step Estate Planning II. The second part of this estate planning series will go into greater depth on topics such as drafting for tax issues, planning for retirement benefits, using trusts, generation-skipping tax planning, and meeting the needs of today's modern family.

Handling a Personal Injury Case from Start to Finish

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A successful personal injury practice involves knowing not only the substantive law, but also the tactical skills necessary to handle case intake, pre-suit investigation, and trial prep. Be prepared for every stage of a case - selecting clients, evaluating the case's strengths, filing notices and claims, discovery, mediation and more.

Handling a Basic Probate

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If you’re thinking of adding probate to your practice, we can help! Handling a Basic Probate leads you through a typical probate proceeding from date of death to the final accounting. Working with one fact scenario throughout the program, experienced and knowledgeable probate practitioners address every step of the process.

An Introduction to Consumer Law

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Infuse your practice with invaluable consumer law insights and tools. A panel of experienced presenters will discuss the ins and outs of using consumer protection laws to represent debtors, claims involving automobiles and homes, and Wisconsin auto repossessions. Plus, take a look at lemon laws, including the buyer’s rights and seller’s liabilities.

Previous Programs Available Through CLE OnDemand

The State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE is committed to helping you grow your practice and offers a variety of Build Your Practice seminars each year. Check out previous programs that are now available with CLE OnDemand.

Handling a Basic Divorce (2018)

Watch this program on demand now.

Handling a Basic Divorce walks you through the procedural elements unique to legal separation, annulments, divorce, and paternity proceedings, while supplying you with valuable information to successfully manage family law actions from beginning to end.

Handling OWI Cases in Wisconsin (2018)

Watch this program on demand now.

Thinking about adding OWI defense to your practice? Already practicing but want an updated review of tactics? Handling OWI Cases in Wisconsin focuses on the foundational processes of OWI defense and shares strategies for success from experienced practitioners.

An Introduction to Elder Law (2018)

Watch this program on demand now.

This program offers a complete overview of the basics of elder law — from power-of-attorney issues to estate recovery and everything in-between — and supplies you with strategies you can use immediately to accomplish your client's goals. Plus, a sample case will help you learn how to effectively and ethically help your clients sort through the alphabet soup of public and private benefits, community resources, and new legislation.

The Nuts and Bolts of Collections and Creditor's Rights (2018)

Watch this program on demand now.

Want to make creditor/debtor law a part of your practice? Do you do your own fee collecting? Learn the fundamentals of collections and creditors’ rights, including assessing debt and making a demand, commencing legal action, obtaining a favorable judgment, and collecting successfully. Find out how to proceed when debtors seek protection under the Bankruptcy Code, and how to recognize potential problems and pitfalls at the outset to avoid entering into a creditor/debtor relationship.

Basic Residential Real Estate Transactions (2017)

Watch this program on demand now.

Seasoned professionals from both private practice and title companies guide you step-by-step through a typical transaction while explaining the perspectives of both buyer and seller. In addition, you’ll find insight into identifying and resolving important problems at every stage.

Choosing & Forming the Right Business Entity for Your Clients (2017)

Watch this program on demand now.

Understand the main components of each type of business entity from governance structures and fiduciary duties to tax implications and planning. Explore the limitations of forming a professional service entity, and hear best practices and strategies from a panel of experienced practitioners.

An Introduction to Traffic Law (2017)

Watch this program on demand now.

Looking to add traffic law to your practice? Watch An Introduction to Traffic Law and learn from experienced litigators how to efficiently, effectively, and profitably handle minor traffic matters, as well as identify those situations where your client’s traffic citation is more than just a ticket.

An Introduction to Worker's Compensation (2016)

Watch this program on demand now.

This program offers a complete overview of the worker’s compensation system and takes you step-by-step through the process of handling a case. You’ll not only brush up on statutory changes and case law, you’ll hone your decision-making skills – putting you in perfect position to successfully advise your worker’s compensation clients.

Addressing Children’s Issues in Divorce and Paternity Cases (2015)

Watch this program on demand now.

This seminar will teach you how to work with key players during every step, from starting a case to post-judgment custody issues and is full of practical tips and techniques for handling custody and placement disputes. Highlighted topics include creating a Parenting Plan, identifying the role of guardian ad litem, addressing the mental health needs of children and parents, techniques for settling cases, and trial strategies.

The Basics of Filing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 (2015)

Watch this program on demand now.

This seminar takes you step-by-step through the bankruptcy process, giving you the legal know-how to successfully advise your clients while minimizing the emotional stigma they face. You’ll learn the ins-and-outs of Chapters 7 and 13, when each is the best fit, which documents to file and when, and how to use means testing to qualify clients for bankruptcy relief.

Beyond the Basics of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 (2015)

Watch this program on demand now.

Review advanced bankruptcy concepts so you can better serve your clients and find ways to use bankruptcy to their advantage. Designed for attorneys with some bankruptcy experience, this seminar goes into greater depth on key issues, including pre-bankruptcy planning, community property, discharge and discharge ability, advanced means testing, and proven debt-relief strategies.

* Young Lawyers Division Members: State Bar member attorneys 36 years of age or younger or within 5 years of admission to the State Bar of Wisconsin. If you have opted out of YLD, you will not receive this discount.


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