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Supplement: Wisconsin Fair Dealership Law, The

 Supplement: Wisconsin Fair Dealership Law, The

The Wisconsin Fair Dealership Law
Fourth (2012) edition

This new edition updates the third edition (published in 2003), consolidates the supplement materials since that edition, and incorporates case law, statutory, and administrative developments since the book was last supplemented. 

Such developments and discussions include:

  • Extensive reorganization and expansion of Chapter 4, which addresses the pivotal issue of what, exactly, is a dealership
  • The feasibility of constitutional challenges to the Wisconsin Fair Dealership Law (WFDL) on equal protection, due process, and free speech grounds
  • Continuing development and refinement of the Ziegler “community of interest” principles of the WFDL, and differing approaches taken by Wisconsin state and federal courts
  • Differences between state and federal courts as to whether WFDL issues should be tried to the court or to a jury
  • Updated sample pleadings and materials, including a model complaint, motion for injunctive relief, answer, and notice of termination