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On-Demand: Getting Started

Your connection to the internet:

  • The most important requirement is that your computer system has a reliable connection to the Internet. A high-speed (DSL or cable) connection is recommended.
  • Review the full system requirements.

Download the required software:

Make sure your computer has the latest versions of:

Test your browser:

I have a firewall that won’t let me watch Flash video or install Adobe Flash Player.

Talk with your IT department and have them install Adobe Flash Player. If your firm's firewall is set to not allow certain types of video to play, the following settings can be used to get the video to play through the firewall:

Port 1935 (RTMP) – Webcam Recording
s2j91kg4j7rjsi.cloudfront.net – Uploaded Stream Playback
s1l5gdakrt52n0.cloudfront.net – Secure Uploaded Stream Playback
s1r0vkeswat996.cloudfront.net – Recorded Stream Playback
s1tcr8er5ywoua.cloudfront.net – Secure Recorded Stream Playback

Access your on-demand education:

  • After purchase, locate your on-demand education on the myMedia web page. On-demand education videos available to you will be listed under myMedia in the "OnDemand" tab, along with their expiration date.

* You are required to log into the WisBar site.

To view on-demand education:

  • From your myMedia page, click on the title of the event you wish to view.*
  • The on-demand video window now will open and load the title you selected.

* Click the "More ..." link to view all available titles.

To view related materials for a webcast/on-demand:

  • Related materials can be downloaded from the myMedia page prior to launching a webcast.

  • To access materials for the event, there is an Attachments window below the video/slides that contain selected materials from the presenter(s). These can be clicked on at any time during the webcast and downloaded. There is also a Footnotes panel that may display additional links or attachments specific to the current portion of a webcast. These are special items the presenter made available to be viewed or downloaded at a specific point in their presentation. The Footnotes may also contain other information like the presenter’s email, contact information or a link to their bio.
  • All materials will open in a separate window. Depending upon the file size, there may be an effect on the currently playing video.
  • When applicable, an evaluation form or survey will also be available, for completion after viewing a video. We invite you to comment on events you have viewed so that we can improve future events.

To view a specific chapter or segment:

  • From your page, click on the title of the event you wish to view. The on-demand video window opens and loads the title you selected. Select the Chapters in the lower left of the video window and click on the desired chapter.
  • See the "Program Schedule" in "Related Materials" for detailed segment or chapter information.

Why does the on-demand seminar "stutter" with frequent pauses?

This is most commonly due to a lack of sufficient bandwidth on the customer's end. In these cases, the bandwidth available at the customer's end is being over-utilized and there is not much you can do to eliminate the pauses. If possible, move to another high-speed internet connection point and reconnect to the webcast. You may also need to contact your IT department for further assistance.

Additional Notes:

When applicable, an evaluation form will be available at the end of the listing of related materials. We invite you to comment on events you have viewed so that we can improve future events.

At the bottom of the on-demand video window, we provide links to the Terms of Use and Technical Support for additional assistance.

CLE credits will be noted on your myCLE Tracker for Wisconsin-licensed lawyers within 24 hours of viewing.