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You'll always know What-Supp

AutoSupp (Auto Supplementation Service)

What is AutoSupp?
AutoSupp is an automatic supplementation service State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE® provides to anyone who would like to receive updates to their print books automatically, as soon as they are published. AutoSupp keeps your books up-to-date and saves you money (and that’s what supp).

Here’s how it works:
With this service, new supplements and revisions are sent to you automatically with an invoice. The invoice includes the cost of the supplement or revision at a 10% discount, the standard shipping and handling charge, and Wisconsin sales tax. Return privileges apply, and you may cancel your subscription at any time. If you DO NOT wish to subscribe to new supplements or revisions, please opt out at checkout or notify Customer Service after you order at (800) 728-7788.
Supplements are automatically integrated (at no extra charge) for Books UnBound Subscriptions.

Where are my AutoSupps?
AutoSupps that you have opted for will show up in “myAutoSupps” under the “myMemberships” section in “myStateBar”, as shown below.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if I didn’t subscribe to AutoSupp when I bought my books, but I would like to start receiving my updates automatically?

Call State Bar of Wisconsin Customer Service at (800) 728-7788 and let us know which book or books you’d like to receive automatic updates for, and we will add those to your orders in your account.

How can I opt in to this service?

When you order a new book via the web, phone, or mail, you have the opportunity to be added to the AutoSupp list. Depending on your ordering method, you may be asked to confirm your AutoSupp request, or opt out of being added to the list.

Can’t I just buy updates when they are published? What’s the advantage of AutoSupp?
Yes, you can buy updates without being on AutoSupp. But AutoSupp ensures that you receive the update “hot off the press” when it becomes available. Also, AutoSupp saves you money. You automatically receive a minimum of 10 percent off the regular member price of any update. New editions to “Brown Binder” books are invoiced, typically, at 15 percent off the regular member price of a new book; plus, you receive the additional AutoSupp discount of 10 percent. For example, an AutoSupp subscriber will pay $153 for a new edition of a book regularly priced at $200 for members.
Can I return an AutoSupp?

Yes. The State Bar’s 30-day return policy applies. When you return an AutoSupp in good condition within the 30-day return period, we will accept your return and remove you from the list for future updates. If you don’t want to be removed from the list for future updates, let us know to keep you on the list so you won’t miss future updates.

I thought I was on AutoSupp for some books, and yet I don’t seem to receive any updates.

Please call State Bar Customer Service, and we’ll be happy to walk through your account with you and confirm which updates you should be receiving automatically. Especially in the case of personnel changes involving multi-lawyer firms, someone might cancel AutoSupps not realizing that their former practice partners or someone in the office down the hall wants to continue receiving those updates.

I recently changed firms and now I’m receiving books I didn’t order, and I don’t want to pay for them.

If you suddenly find yourself receiving updates for books you don’t remember purchasing, it’s possible that your firm copy and AutoSupp were ordered under
Your account at some point in the past, and so they followed you as your address changed in our system. Please give us a call, and we’ll assist you with that. We don’t expect you to pay for supplements you don’t want or need. And if they were shipped to you in error, we’ll waive any shipping charge. But do let us know if you are cancelling subscriptions that your old firm may still want; we’ll be happy to follow up with them.

If I just bought a PINNACLE book recently and an update comes out soon after, do I have to pay for it?

If you buy a book and we issue a supplement or revision within 90 days following your purchase, AutoSupp subscribers receive the update automatically, free of charge. If we revise and publish a new edition of a Brown Binder book beyond 90 days after your purchase, but within the first year, AutoSupp subscribers receive that new edition at 50 percent off the already discounted price of the update. This brings your price in line with what you might pay for an annual supplement rather than having to pay the full amount for the “same” new book twice in one year.

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