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Families of today take many forms
There has been a steady decline in the number of people marrying with an increase in the number of people cohabitating without marriage. Among adults ages 18-44, 59% have lived with an unmarried partner at some time in their lives. The number of people getting married in this age group declined from 60% in 2002 to 50% in 2019. From 2017 to 2018, the marriage rate dropped 6%, from 6.9 per 1000 population to 6.5, the lowest marriage rate since 1900. At the same time, LGBTQ couples are embracing marriage. More than 60% of cohabitating same-sex couples are married. And rates of step-parent and second-parent adoption and surrogacy are also on the rise. What happens when today’s families face legal issues involving finances, housing, child custody, employment benefits, or estate planning?

Specialized content
Advising the Evolving Family gives up-to-date guidance on the legal issues affecting these relationships and families. It explores legal issues involving finances, housing, child custody, employment benefits, and estate planning. A vital guide is Advising the Evolving Family also helps you identify and resolve the specific legal issues facing today’s families, in all the forms they take, and gives you timely guidance. It covers topics such as:

      • Adoption and assisted reproductive technologies for starting a family
      • Protecting parental rights of LGBTQ
      • Asset division in unmarried cohabitation relationships
      • Watts claims against a former partner
      • Domestic partnership benefits
      • The importance of estate planning for unmarried partners

Guidance for Advising the Evolving Family
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The 2021-2022 edition contains a number of changes, including the following:

      • In 2020 opinion, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit considered the treatment of same-sex and different
        sex spouses in matters of their children's legal parentage and birth certificates
      • Recent federal cases involving birthright citizenship of children born abroad through assisted reproductive technology
      • Discussion of using transfer-on-death designators for certain assets to avoid probate
      • In 2019 opinion, the Wisconsin Supreme Court provided guidance on the legal burden necessary to overcome a fit
        parent's wishes regarding a third party's visitation with a child

        In addition, all citations in all chapters have been updated. 


Summary of Contents
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Table of Contents
      1. Introduction
      2. Family Formation and Protection for Gay and Lesbian Couples
      3. Wisconsin's Domestic Partnership Registries
      4. Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples
      5. Legal and Equitable Claims at Termination of the Unmarried Relationship

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