Client Outreach
  • Client Outreach

    ​To successfully market your firm’s legal services, you don’t need to be louder than the media distractions bombarding potential clients ... just smarter. Get these low-cost resources on your website or in the hands of potential clients to highlight your firm as the source to turn to when they have a legal problem.
  • Consumer Handbooks

    The State Bar also offers three guides that address end-of-life planning, probate issues, and guardianship responsibilities. Help your clients navigate these common, but highly technical topics with detailed instructions, forms, definitions, and more information. Look to these guides to promote your practice, educate your clients, and improve your community visibility.

  • PINNACLE Productions

    Increase your business by increasing Web traffic with short welcome videos. PINNACLE Productions, the team behind State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE’s webcasts and videos, can create corporate and private webcasts, staff training videos, videos for websites, and infomercials for your business. Plus, members get a discounted rate.

  • Member Marketing Guide

    A thriving practice is the goal of any law firm. This guide highlights business development tools available through the State Bar including advertising, sponsorships, writing and speaking forums, website content, and referral sources. It also includes important information on the ethics of lawyer marketing.

    Add these business development ideas to your marketing arsenal to build your reputation, increase awareness of your practice, generate business, and grow revenue.


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