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 PINNACLE Productions

The team behind State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE’s webcasts and videos are available to help make you and your business shine. PINNACLE Productions can create corporate and private webcasts, staff training videos, welcome videos for websites, and infomercials to help you grow your business. View our brochure for more information or our rate sheet for member and non-member pricing. To discuss services, place an order, or request a quote for additional or extended services, contact or (608) 250-6075.

State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE Productions

Discover the power of video for your business.

Increase your business by increasing Web traffic and interactions with short welcome and informational videos.
Studies show that 80% of online visitors will watch a video while only 20% will read a webpage’s content entirely. Plus, a website with a video is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results.

Our services can also be used for corporate and private webcasts, staff training videos, and infomercials. Video has the power to set you above the competition and we want to help you claim that power for your business or organization.

Rely on our experience to build your reputation.

With more than six decades of combined experience, our broadcast director, videographers, and media specialists will give you and your project the one-on-one attention needed for success. Our professional-grade equipment, cutting-edge software, and in-house studio will be at your disposal, ensuring a superior product. We stay at the leading edge of technology so that your videos have the credibility your reputation deserves.

Imagine. Shoot. Edit. Distribute. Let's get going.

Whether you have a fully developed concept for a presentation or just the kernel of an idea, our comprehensive services will help you through all phases of the project. You can relax knowing that we'll be there from brainstorming to streaming.

Across the room or across the country.

Expand your horizons to reach more clients and colleagues while maintaining the personal touch that video ensures.
From live webcasts to on-demand presentations, we can distribute your message across the globe. Our servers have the capacity to host your materials online and the bandwidth to stream content to thousands at once, 24/7. You remain the face of your company, even when you’re halfway across the state, country, or world.

One video. Countless options.

Our partnership doesn’t end with “cut,” because your video will be too good not to distribute through multiple channels. We’ll recommend opportunities for posting videos online while also providing DVD and flash drive production services. These options allow you to take your video with you to meetings, include them in marketing materials, and use them for staff training. We’re committed to making the power of video work for you from conception to distribution.

Contact us at or (608) 250-6075 to produce your next video, webinar, or training video.​​