Consumer Pamphlet Series

 Consumer Pamphlet Series

Each pamphlet conveys basic legal information and answers frequently asked questions in easy-to-understand language. Order yours today ... and break through the clutter, without breaking your budget.

Fit these cost-effective tools seamlessly into your existing marketing strategy. Or use them as powerful stand-alone marketing pieces. either way, get them into the hands of potential clients to highlight your firm as THE source to turn to on legal issues that matter to most people.

  • Display pamphlets in your office
  • Distribute them during community events
  • Donate copies to your local library and other public organizations
  • Supply social groups and churches with copies

Benefits of Consumer Pamphlets in Print
Even straightforward legal issues can seem complex to a non-lawyer. Including printed consumer pamphlets among the materials you give to clients or potential clients:

  • Gives people a solid impression that your firm is professional and knowledgeable
  • Removes the pressure of someone having to remember everything they’ve discussed with you in person
  • Provides concise summaries of important legal topics
  • Cuts down on the amount of material you must discuss face-to-face and prevents information overload
  • Offers people something to take away and review later
  • Represents your firm even when you’re not physically in front of someone

Plus, prominently display your firm's name and contact information (in the space provided) on every pamphlet – to ensure your firm comes to mind first when clients seek legal services.



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