Consumer Handbooks

 Consumer Handbooks

A Handbook for Personal Representatives
Provide your clients with a “road map” to the probate process and ways to deal with the numerous responsibilities of being selected as a personal representative. This useful handbook explains basic concepts, defines terms, outlines important tasks, and details potential problems and personal liability issues. It's a great opportunity to highlight your experience while also offering clients the chance to feel more comfortable when dealing with such confusing issues.

A Gift to Your Family: Planning Ahead for Future Health Needs
Encourage clients to execute a Power of Attorney for Health Care or a Declaration to Physicians (Living Will) with this valuable booklet. Your actions can ensure their medical wishes are carried out. A Gift to Your Family includes Wisconsin forms to help clients put their wishes in writing – including the right to accept or refuse treatment – after first discussing those wishes with their family. It also directs clients to contact you for answers and advice on managing their care planning. In addition, this booklet is available in dialect-neutral Spanish.

Understanding Guardianships: A Handbook for Guardians
Give clients basic information about guardianships and a guardian's duties by giving them this instructive handbook. It takes the mystery out of guardianship by outlining how courts appoint guardians and keep track of what guardians are doing. Plus, it provides general guidance for those who are planning to serve as a guardian or have been appointed guardian. It's just one more way for you to highlight your abilities to meet your clients' legal needs.​​


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