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Consumer Handbooks and Pamphlets

 Consumer Handbooks and Pamphlets


Consumer Handbooks

The State Bar offers three guides that help you understand the importance of end-of-life planning, the responsibilities of a personal representative selected to oversee the probate of an estate, and the responsibilities of a court-appointed guardian appointed to act on behalf of an incompetent person.

  • A Handbook for Personal Representatives
    As a personal representative selected to oversee the probate of an estate, you are entrusted with a great deal of responsibility. This helpful handbook provides a “road map” through the probate process and outlines the personal representative's responsibilities. It explains basic concepts, defines terms, outlines important tasks, and details potential problems and personal liability issues.

  • A Gift to Your Family: Planning Ahead for Future Health Needs
    This guide encourages every adult to plan ahead for future health care. All too often, families are put in the unfortunate position of needing to make decisions about their loved ones' health care. If you have not discussed your wishes with your family or care giver, these decisions become all the more difficult.

    A Gift to Your Family includes Wisconsin forms to help clients put their wishes in writing – including the right to accept or refuse treatment. This booklet also is available in dialect-neutral Spanish. And now available for Minnesota and Illinois!

  • Understanding Guardianships: A Handbook for Guardians
    A guardian is often appointed by a court to act for an incompetent person. This instructive handbook outlines a guardian's duties. It takes the mystery out of guardianship by outlining how courts appoint guardians and keep track of what guardians are doing. The guide also provides a sample guardianship inventory, record of receipts and disbursements, and more.

Consumer Pamphlet Series

The State Bar publishes a series of consumer pamphlets addressing common legal issues that many people face sooner or later in their lives, such as buying a home, going through a divorce or small claims action, and preparing a will or estate plan.

Each pamphlet conveys basic legal information and answers frequently asked questions in easy-to-understand language. Pamphlets are packaged in quantities of 50 (one title per package).

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How to Use Consumer Pamphlets and Handbooks

  1. Update your website: Make your firm’s website the go-to resource for competent legal advice. Consumer pamphlets content breaks down complex legal situations for potential clients while encouraging them to reach out to a lawyer like you for assistance.

  2. Create an eye-catching office display: Showcase multiple print pamphlets using our sleek Lucite® racks. With one glance, potential clients will see all areas of your firm’s legal expertise.

  3. Put a stamp on it: Consumer pamphlet print pieces make an impactful inclusion in a direct mail campaign to potential clients in the area. You can also use them as statement stuffers for existing clients who may not know about all the services you offer.

  4. Spotlight a specific practice area: Use consumer pamphlets content in a blog post or as part of a mail piece to introduce a new practice area your firm is offering or to promote a practice area that people may not realize your firm provides.

  5. Share them in your community: Create a legal resource display at your local library or community center. Even use consumer pamphlets as handouts at your next speaking engagement.

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