Law Office Videos
  • Law Office Videos

    In the practice of law, there’s no substitute for solid preparation. Same goes for your clients and staff — the better prepared they are, the more your litigation succeeds and the smoother your office runs.

    That's where PINNACLE Law Office Videos come in. These videos:

    1. Show clients and staff what to expect with vivid reenactments
    2. Dramatize proper techniques using realistic situations
    3. Present time-tested, consistent messages
    4. Point out the dos and don'ts in each situation

    Our training and educational DVDs have been in use for more than two decades by law offices across the country. Isn't it time you tried them?

  • Client Education

    When clients aren't familiar with the legal process, they can unintentionally damage their own case. Help your clients be prepared and at ease with many legal processes, including going to court, depositions, compulsory medical exams, and more with help from State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE Law Office Videos.​

  • Staff Training

    State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE Law Office Videos deliver effective training for both new and current employees. Choose from several titles that can help your staff learn the ins and outs of working in a law office. These videos offer a number of successful training techniques to help your staff improve customer service and successfully manage their time. Many titles include two free booklets to help your staff review and remember key points long after the videos end.

  • Content for Law Firm Websites

    Did you know that search engines like Google and Yahoo! have pulled ahead of printed Yellow Pages as the leading source for local business information? Get noticed on the Internet with content from the Consumer Pamphlet series and the Law Office Video series that is relevant to your practice. With minimal effort and investment, you can license the content of these titles for use on your website in either a PDF or HTML format. Get noticed online by adding relevant content to you site!​


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