New Webcast Format

 New Webcast Format

A constant in life is that time keeps moving and with the passing of time comes change. Change can be good or not, it can be necessary or not, and it can be fun or not. We are confident that our change to a new webcast and on demand platform is good, we know it is necessary, and we think it will be fun.

Beginning October 16, 2013, State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE will be changing to the Flash-player based KnowledgeVision. Any program originally airing on or after October 16th will be delivered via this Flash format. Because of this change, it is very important for attendees to retest their systems to ensure they can attend our webcasts and CLE OnDemand™ programs.
Test your system

For a period of time there will still be on demand and webcast replay programs in the old system. They will function just as they do currently and can be viewed with Silverlight or Windows Media Player. Our new KV programs will be readily identified by the red Flash logo ( Flash logo ) listed just after the program title.

We are very excited about this change to KnowledgeVision. Among other things the change allows us to:

  • Schedule more programs on higher demanded days of the week,
  • Cut down our staff time needed to run a webcast replay
  • Reduce our bandwidth and server needs
  • Position the Bar to take advantage of emerging technology like HTML5
  • Most importantly, it will improve the quality and interactive nature of our webcasts

We hope you will be able to attend our webcasts and that you will enjoy the experience. Please give us feedback on your experience in order for us to continue to improve the products.

For questions on specifications and technical assistance please click here to visit the FAQs page. For questions or concerns regarding this change please contact Tim Clark at or at (800) 444-9404, ext. 6110.