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  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
    • A Neutral View, LLC

      Mediation, Arbitration and Advocacy Coaching by recently retired Circuit Court Judge Charles Kahn. Services offered statewide with comfortable mediation suite in Milwaukee.

      Kahn presided over hundreds of jury trials and thousands of contested hearings in 21 years as judge. He is known for thorough preparation and patient consideration of all points of view. Prior to the bench he was a trial attorney and business consultant for 17 years.
      (414)  224-4000

    • COLE Alternative Dispute Resolution

      (608) 283-2403
  • Financial Services
    • ABA Retirement Funds Program

      (866) 812-1510
    • ATG Trust Company

      (877) 674-7878
    • Daniels Capital Corporation

      (888) 872-7884
  • Insurance
    • Bultman Financial: Life, Disability, or Long-term Care or Health Insurance

      Contact Bultman Financial for insurance products designed and approved specifically for State Bar of Wisconsin members.

    • Johnson Insurance – Property & Casualty Insurance for Firms

      Johnson Insurance is offering a comprehensive insurance program as part of the Member Benefit Program of the State Bar of Wisconsin. As a State Bar member your law firm has access to property and casualty insurance, as well as auto and worker’s compensation programs tailored to meet your firm’s needs.

      (608) 203-3932
    • Mercer

      (312) 627-6890
    • Professional Insurance Programs

      (414) 277-0154
      (800) 637-4676
    • West Bend Mutual Insurance Company

    • Wisconsin Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company (WILMIC )

      (800) 373-3839
  • Investigators and Research Services
    • FLEX Consulting - Forensic Accounting/Investigative Analysis

      Michael Hermanson, CPA CGMA

      FLEX incorporates a unique approach merging Forensic Accounting and Law Enforcement experience to investigate, analyze, and interpret complex financial and business-related issues.
      • Criminal and civil cases
      • Expert witness testimony


      255 S. Jefferson St.
      Waterloo, WI 53594
      (920) 478-2224

    • Government Liaison Services

      (800) 642-6564
    • Landex Research, Inc.

      (800) 844-6778

    • Sequence Inc. Forensic Accounting

      Tracy L. Coenen, CPA, CFF
      Sequence Inc. combines forensic accounting expertise and proven investigative techniques to quantify losses. Fraud examinations, financial investigations, damage calculations, and expert witness testimony provided by an experienced and qualified expert.


      310 East Buffalo St.
      Milwaukee, WI 53202
      (414) 727-2361
      (312) 498-3661
  • Litigation Support/Experts
    • Allen J. Becker, Certified Consulting Meteorologist/Expert Witness

      Analysis, reconstruction, and reporting of weather/climate conditions for past events (accidents, injuries, severe weather).
      • Courtroom experience (trials, depositions)
      • M.S. Meteorology
      • University meteorology instructor
      (414) 807-0269
    • Ayman A. Khatib – Arabic Interpreter/Translator

      Former victim witness specialist; former Milwaukee police officer. 20+ years’ experience. Court appearances, depositions, medical appointments, business contracts.
      (414) 628-7593
    • Experienced Contract Attorney

      Laure Rakvic-Farr, an attorney with 11+ years of civil litigation experience available for contract legal projects including document review, research and writing, trial preparation, deposition/hearing appearance in Dane County and beyond. Reasonable rates.

      See website at for testimonials and description of education and experience.

      Reply to Laure at or (608) 886-6866.
      Laure Rakvic-Farr 608 886-6866
    • Forensic Anthropologist

      Case/report review; scene evaluation; bone trauma interpretation; analysis of burned remains. Criminal/civil.

      Leslie Eisenberg, Ph.D., Board Certified Forensic Anthropologist & Fellow, American Academy of Forensic Sciences.
      (608) 692.4543
    • Inductive Engineering

      Dale Gumz, P.E., C.S.P.
      Mechanical, safety and human factors engineering since 1970

      (715) 289-4721

    • Jane A. Lewis, M.F.S., Forensic Document Examiner (FDE)

      • Master of Forensic Science from George Washington University • Only Wisconsin FDE certified by the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners • American Academy of Forensic Sciences Fellow • American Society of Questioned Document Examiners Member • Former document analyst, FBI, Secret Service and Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory • Author: "Forensic Document Examination Fundamentals and Current Trends" • 29 years’ experience
    • Securities and Insurance – Litigation support and Expert Testimony

      Victor A. Shier Broker Dealer Services LLC
      Kewaskum, Wis.
      (414) 588-9675
    • Wipfli Risk Advisory and Forensic Services

      (608) 270-2902
  • Medical Consultants
    • A Legal Nurse Consultant

      Screening, research, locate experts.
      (608) 220-5654
    • Certified Legal Nursing Consultants/RNs

      Available for medical record analysis, discovery, case support, expert testimony, witness preparation. Discover more or settle for less. Free consultation.

      Dockendorf Legal Medical Consulting
      (715) 262-3826
  • Practice Support/Law Office Management
    • Attorneys Title Guaranty Fund, Inc.

      (262) 377-0102

    • Contract Legal Projects

      Contract Legal Projects: Experienced lawyer available for legal research, brief writing, appeals, document drafting and summaries, trial preparation, and more on a project-by-project basis.
      Jennifer Carlson
      (414) 899-4108
    • University of Wisconsin Foundation

      (608) 263-4545