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Economics of Law Practice in Wisconsin: 2013 Survey Report
  • JC0007

In response to members’ need for up-to-date, Wisconsin-specific information about law firm economics, the State Bar of Wisconsin conducted its Economics of Law Practice survey in 2013. The report reflects the information gathered through this survey for the calendar year 2012.

The State Bar of Wisconsin’s Economics of Law Practice in Wisconsin: 2013 Survey Report is intended to provide a resource to help you manage your practice more efficiently and effectively, allowing you to deliver high quality legal services to the citizens of Wisconsin in the most efficient manner possible.

The Economics of Law Practice in Wisconsin: 2013 Survey Report is meant to provide relevant and accurate information to inform and guide your practice management decisions. Separate sections cover private practitioners (both solo and in group practices), government/academic attorneys, and corporate attorneys and in-house counsel.

The survey reports on:

  • Top areas of practice
  • Private practitioner net income, by demographics
  • Private practitioner hourly billing rates
  • Private practitioner billing methods
  • Office expenses and revenues
  • Law office support staff salaries
  • Work volume for each category (private practice, government/academic, corporate)
  • Benefits by employer category
  • Billing and timekeeping practices
  • Trends in marketing legal services
  • Perceptions of the supply and demand for legal services
  • Change in workload over past two years and over next two years
  • Changes made in billable hours policy

You may also use the Report’s straightforward data, charts, and tables to accurately measure your ability to provide cost-effective legal services. And learn insightful information like:

  • If perceptions match reality when it comes to the supply and demand for legal services
  • What percentage of a practice’s earnings go to pay staff salaries and other overhead costs
  • How other lawyers spend their time in a typical work week

Whether you’re a solo practitioner, a partner in a large firm, a government lawyer, or an in-house counsel, the Report is jam-packed with useful data.

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