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Wisconsin Lawyer Directory 2013
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If you or your support staff rely on the Wisconsin Lawyer Directory when looking for contact information on Wisconsin-licensed lawyers or court personnel, please be aware of an important change effective with the January 2013 issue: The State Bar of Wisconsin will no longer automatically distribute print copies of the Directory to all members. However, copies will be available for purchase.

Why the Change?

In increasing numbers, members are turning to the Internet and, in particular, WisBar’s online Lawyer Search, to find contact information for Wisconsinlicensed lawyers. In response to this shift, and in the face of increasing production and mailing costs, the State Bar’s leadership decided to discontinue automatic print distribution.

Do You Prefer Print?

And yet … for many, it’s more convenient to quickly flip through a printed directory. No desire to bootup, log-in, and search through an online listing? The State Bar recognizes that some members and their support staff will continue to prefer having a printed directory at their fingertips. For those members,the State Bar will offer a print directory for sale.

What does the 2013 Directory include?

  • An alphabetical roster of the more than 24,000 Wisconsin-licensed lawyers, including business affiliations, addresses, phone and fax numbers, and email addresses
  • An alphabetical roster of Wisconsin law firms
  • A geographical roster, with in-state attorneys listed by county and city, and nonresident members listed by state and city
  • A listing of Wisconsin courts and court personnel by district and county; also includes federal and Native American courts
  • A listing of state executive officers and selected state offices
  • The Lawyer-to-Lawyer Directory, a listing of more than 450 attorneys who offer brief free telephone consultations to other Wisconsin lawyers facing unfamiliar areas of law



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