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Pamphlet (pack of 50)

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Pamphlet (pack of 50)

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Landlord/Tenant Law: Answering Your Legal Questions
  • GC0096

Rental relationships involve expectations on both sides. As a landlord, you've made a sizable investment, and you expect the tenant to treat the premises with care and pay rent on time. As a tenant, you expect the landlord to provide a livable, safe home in return for the rent you pay. Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, it’s important that you understand the legalities involved. This pamphlet looks at common questions you may have.

The information covered:

  • When do I need a written lease?
  • If there is no written lease, how do I give notice to terminate a tenancy?
  • If there is a written lease, do I need to give notice about terminating tenancy?
  • How does a landlord terminate a tenancy for nonpayment of rent?
  • When can a tenant sublet or assign a lease?
  • When can a landlord enter a tenant's premises?
  • What can a tenant do if the landlord refuses to make repairs?
  • How does a landlord legally evict a tenant?
  • Can a landlord evict a tenant for selling drugs or engaging in gang activity on the premises?
  • Can a landlord evict a tenant in winter?
  • If I'm elderly, pregnant, or handicapped, can I use that as a defense in an eviction action?
  • When can a landlord refuse to return a security deposit?
  • What action can a tenant take if a landlord withholds the security deposit?
  • Can a tenant lose ownership of personal property left behind after termination of tenancy?
  • Where can I find the Wisconsin landlord-tenant law?

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