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20th Annual Advanced Worker's Compensation Symposium
  • CA2241D

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About the Program

Hear from Both Sides to Get the Whole Picture

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Who should order:

  • Worker’s compensation attorneys
  • Personal injury attorneys
  • Business attorneys
  • Employment attorneys
  • Health attorneys
  • Employee attorneys

How you’ll benefit:

  • Learn about spine injuries and disorders including latest treatments, factors impacting outcomes, and recommended timelines for returning to work
  • Gain insight on spinal fusion treatments, including characteristics of a good candidate and restrictions for after surgery
  • Discover how PTSD may impact worker’s compensation patients and guidance for managing PTSD upon return to work
  • Understand causation of heart attacks and permanent restrictions that may ensue

Medical issues intertwine with worker’s compensation in countless ways, and for twenty years, lawyers have counted on this annual half-day program to provide insight from both the legal and medical perspective. Prominent attorneys, medical practitioners, and an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) unite for in-depth discussions of work-related injuries.

Focus on Three Medical Specialties

  • Background on the Backbone: As a critical part of the body and the practice of worker’s compensation law, the spine has two sessions dedicated to it. The first session will focus on spinal care including how changes in health care may affect patients, the latest spinal treatments, factors impacting outcomes, recommended timelines for returning to work, analysis of the disablement model, and projections for future care of work-attributed spinal disorders. The second session dives into spinal fusions including characteristics of a good candidate and restrictions after surgery.
  • The Reality of Post-Traumatic Stress: A clinical psychologist will explain how post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can affect worker’s compensation patients and what challenges they will face upon returning to work.
  • Getting to the Heart of the Issue: According to the American Heart Association, about 720,000 Americans have a heart attack every year and some of these happen on the job. It’s critical for you to understand stressors of and permanent restrictions that may result from a heart attack.
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