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Trouble with Marriage: The Long and Short of it - Divorce Through Life's Phases - 2014
  • CA2054D

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About the Program

See how divorcing families can use the help of legal, financial, and mental health professionals

Who should watch:

  • Family law attorney
  • General practice attorneys

How you’ll benefit:

  • Understand how the legal, financial, and emotional aspects of divorce are interrelated
  • Learn how financial and mental health experts can help you and your clients
  • Be better able to incorporate other professionals into your practice

The basic premise of this entertaining and engaging seminar is to show a couple getting divorced in the short-term, medium-term, long-term, and after serial marriages. Along the way, family members will take advantage of legal, financial, and emotional help. Presented by State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE®, the object is to show how financial and mental health experts can help you provide better legal services to your clients, thus increasing client satisfaction.

Divorce is a multifaceted process

Attorneys tend to focus solely on the legal aspects of their divorce cases. This seminar offers a unique look at how to incorporate other professionals in the divorce case. It’s an opportunity to get additional training for both collaborative family law attorneys and attorneys who may be interested in a blended practice model.

Divorces differ with age

By dividing divorces into marriage-duration categories, lawyers can better understand how the goals and issues change over time:

  • When couples have been married only a few years, the goal of divorce is often to restore them to their original positions prior to marriage, so potential issues include “50/50” laws, and dividing the marital portion of assets/debts.
  • After 10-15 years of marriage, the goal of divorce is often to divide assets, debts, and placement time with children, generating issues such as maintenance, parenting plans, and marital debt allocation.
  • A common goal for couples married 20-30+ years is to divide assets within the context of retirement planning. Other potential issues include maintenance, voluntary retirement timelines, meeting the needs of adult children, and addressing mid-life emotional issues.
  • In a second (or third or fourth…) divorce, goals may be circumscribed by prenuptial agreements, prior court orders, and “mine/yours/our” children.

By understanding how the legal, financial, and emotional aspects of divorce are interrelated, attorneys can craft better outcomes, thus reducing post-judgment litigation. Watch on demand today!




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