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Litigation in the Digital Age - 2013
  • CA2017D

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About the Program

Wisconsin has never had such a comprehensive seminar on digital litigation

Who should watch:

  • Any attorney, support staff or judge who encounters — or may encounter — electronic evidence, and wants know how to properly handle it

How you’ll benefit:

  • Know how to make or respond to a request for e-discovery
  • Understand plaintiff and defense perspectives on the use of electronic evidence
  • Learn what you can do — and what you can’t — to seek electronic evidence

Litigation in the Digital Age is the first Wisconsin seminar involving a comprehensive examination of how technology is affecting litigation. The faculty will conduct an in-depth discussion of electronic litigation, including:

  • e-discovery
  • predictive coding
  • computer forensics
  • digital ethics and
  • trial practice

from the perspectives of the Bench and civil and criminal bars.

Keeping you in the forefront

In addition, the faculty will go even further to:

  • Explore the current state of the law
  • Demonstrate software you can use to manage and present digital evidence
  • Explore Wisconsin’s new e-discovery rules vis-à-vis the federal rules
  • Examine the changing roles of judges and litigators in the digital age
  • Provide a detailed discussion of the science of computer forensics
  • Discuss the ethics of digital litigation

Learn to handle digital evidence

Today, many forms of information exist primarily or only as Electronically Stored Information (ESI). When ESI becomes evidence, it is often referred to as digital evidence. Any attorney who is unfamiliar with how to handle digital evidence before and during litigation will increasingly be at a serious disadvantage. By attending Litigation in the Digital Age you will receive an in-depth overview of what you must do to preserve, produce, manage, and present digital evidence, including the applicable rules, “best practice” methodology, and the science of digital forensics.

Advance your knowledge

Litigation in the Digital Age will help you expand your understanding of the growing world of electronic litigation. Don’t miss the chance to hear the insights of our highly regarded faculty AND participate in a panel discussion where you get guidance for what to do next to propel your practice into the 21st century. Watch on demand today!

The Faculty

The faculty for Litigation in the Digital Age includes the co-authors of a national treatise on digital litigation published by Thomson-Reuters, Marquette University Law School Professor Jay Grenig, and this seminar’s Program Chair, Bill Gleisner. Mr. Gleisner will give the plaintiffs’ perspective and also demonstrate litigation support and trial presentation software. In addition, the faculty will also include an Assistant Attorney General who will discuss how public agencies handle digital litigation, a sitting District Attorney who will discuss how to prepare and present digital forensic evidence during trial, and a member of the Judiciary who will discuss digital litigation from the perspective of the bench. Other faculty members will include a partner from Foley & Lardner who will discuss the defense perspective and the concept of predictive coding and experts who will provide an in depth discussion of digital forensics, e-discovery, social media and digital ethics.

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