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Guardianship and Protective Placement for the Elderly in Wisconsin
  • AK0201
  • 978-1-57862-108-9

236+ pp.; 3rd ed. 2012

More and more people are outliving their ability to manage their own care and assets

When voluntary methods of caring for an elderly person fail, it may be necessary to consider a guardianship. And if that’s not sufficient to protect the elderly person, protective services or protective placement must also be considered. But if you haven’t used these strategies very often, where do you turn for guidance?

Your comprehensive guide

Guardianship and Protective Placement for the Elderly in Wisconsin is a thorough guide to law and practice under the guardianship and protective placement statutes, and it explains the basics in practical terms — with accompanying checklists where appropriate.

New third edition

Conceived of as a “how to” handbook to help Wisconsin lawyers learn — or review — the ropes of basic guardianship and protective placement procedure, the book is now in its third edition. This edition reflects:

  • Enactment of guardianship reform legislation  that repealed the former chapter 880 and created a new chapter 54 of the Wisconsin Statutes
  • Recodification of the state’s protective placement and protective services laws in chapter 55 of the Wisconsin Statutes
  • Click here to find out more about the 2012 edition

Summary of contents

  1. Overview
  2. Choosing the Proper Procedure
  3. Choosing a Guardian
  4. Role of the Petitioner's Attorney
  5. Role of the Guardian ad Litem and Advocacy Counsel
  6. Role of the Guardian
  7. Safeguards Under the Protective Service System
  8. Termination or Modification of a Guardianship or Protective Placement
  9. Emergency Procedures


  • Additional Resources
  • Miscellaneous Sample Forms (Non-Mandatory)


Care for those who can’t take care of themselves

Persons age 65 and older are the fastest growing segment of Wisconsin’s population, which means there are more people every day who may be in need of protection. Sharpen your skills in this vital area with Guardianship and Protective Placement for the Elderly in Wisconsin.

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