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Civil Procedure Before Trial, Wisconsin
  • AK0166
  • 978-1-57862-202-3

1014+ pp.; 5th ed. 2014-15
(includes 2016 supplement)
2 volumes

Work effectively with step-by-step procedures

Procedure is the backbone of the civil litigation process. The best arguments and most compelling evidence are of little use to clients whose lawyers fail to follow proper civil procedure. Wisconsin Civil Procedure Before Trial provides the map lawyers need to successfully navigate the complex rules found throughout the Wisconsin Statutes and case law, including the local rules of each jurisdiction.

Not just theory, but practical guidance

Wisconsin Civil Procedure Before Trial will help you litigate your cases more effectively by walking you chronologically through the topics that typically arise during litigation. You’ll gain additional understanding with Civil Procedure’s nuts-and-bolts approach to complex issues and topics, which includes helpful checklists and practice pointers.

Invaluable for veteran and novice alike

Experienced attorneys will appreciate the thorough information contained in Wisconsin Civil Procedure Before Trial, which combines clear and concise statements of the law with important practice pointers. Attorneys new to civil litigation practice will find the information, guidance, and practical insights invaluable for staying on track.

Newly updated to keep you current

Wisconsin Civil Procedure Before Trial has been updated with a 2016 supplement to incorporate the latest legal developments impacting the trial process, including:

  • Updated electronic filing requirements in Wisconsin
  • New requirements for handling confidential information in court records
  • A 2015 Wisconsin Court of Appeals decision on the statute of limitation for a defamation suit based on Facebook posts
  • Updated references to the recently enacted Wisconsin Uniform Partnership Act
  • A 2016 Wisconsin Court of Appeals ruling discussing personal jurisdiction and Internet contacts
  • A 2014 Wisconsin Court of Appeals decision on implications of class actions against the government requiring notices of claim

Specific updates include the following:

  • The proper role of a court in arbitration proceedings
  • A significant legal change regarding judgment creditors
  • A comparison of pleading requirements under state and federal law
  • The ministerial duty when an emergency vehicle proceeds through a red light

Summary of contents

  1. Accepting a Litigation Client
    Conflict-of-interest clearance; initial client conference; notice to client not accepted; fee agreements; fee recovery opportunities; fee splitting; client trust accounts; substitution of counsel; frivolous claims and defenses
  2. Venue, Statutes of Limitation, and Other Initial Considerations
    Parties; venue; statutes of limitation; justiciability; lis pendens
  3. Jurisdiction
    Wisconsin and federal subject matter jurisdiction; personal jurisdiction; in rem/quasi in rem jurisdiction
  4. Joinder of Parties and Claims
    Joinder of claims and remedies; real party in interest; mandatory and permissive joinder of parties; third-party practice (impleader); interpleader; intervention; substitution of parties; class actions
  5. Pleadings
    General rules of pleading; complaint; answer; counterclaim; cross-claim; jury demand; amendment and supplementation of pleadings
  6. Service of Process
    Summons; personal and by publication; service by mail; proof of service; challenge of service; special service requirements
  7. Provisional Remedies and Declaratory Relief
    Temporary restraining orders and temporary injunctions; receiverships; declaratory relief
  8. Motion Practice
    Noticed and ex parte motions; response to motions; hearings; court's decision; motions for rehearing or reconsideration; specific motions (amend/supplement pleadings; change venue; substitute/disqualify judge; more definite statement; strike; motion in limine)
  9. Termination Without Trial
    Voluntary and involuntary dismissal; motion to dismiss; default judgment; failure to prosecute; judgment on the pleadings; summary judgment
  10. Discovery
    Objectives and uses; formal discovery; informal discovery; privileges and immunities; waiver; enforcement
  11. Dispute Resolution Procedures
    Alternative dispute resolution; medical mediation; statutory settlement offers
  12. Case Management Procedures
    Scheduling order; pretrial conferences; consolidation; severance  
  • Table of Cases
  • Table of Statutes, Regulations, and Rules Index 

Comprehensive and convenient

Be more effective and efficient in preparing your cases with Wisconsin Civil Procedure Before Trial.

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