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Family Law in Wisconsin: A Forms and Procedures Handbook
  • AK0052
  • 1-57862-054-6

1,014+ pp. + CD;
2 vols.; 8th ed. 2013–14
(Includes 2014-15 supplement)

How using a system can help ease the stress

From initial client interviews to post-judgment actions, Family Law in Wisconsin: A Forms and Procedures Handbook (previously titled System Book for Family Law) can help you streamline your family law practice while sparing your clients undue stress. With all the essential forms, checklists, outlines, and overviews, the Handbook ensures you get the information you need systematically.

Master your files

The Handbook’s Master Information List and Office Master File offer a systematic approach to making each divorce or family law case a less complex enterprise. By providing tools to eliminate unnecessary meetings, letters, and other communications, the Handbook enables you to spend more time listening to your client’s needs and meeting them efficiently and effectively.

Increase your effectiveness

Family Law in Wisconsin: A Forms and Procedures Handbook is an invaluable resource for any lawyer who practices family law — whether in a large firm or a solo practice — providing the guidance you want, the resources you need, and the results you demand.

Chapters include:
Volume I

  1. Quick Reference Guide to the Law
  2. Divorce Procedure Outline
  3. Representation and Fee Agreements
  4. Initial Interview and Fact Gathering
  5. Starting the Action
  6. Temporary Hearing
  7. Discovery and Trial Preparation
  8. Agreements/Stipulations
  9. Trial

Volume II

  1. Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, & Judgment
  2. File Closing
  3. Appeals
  4. Postjudgment Actions and Support Enforcement
  5. Special Matters
    A. Tax Consequences
    B. Retirement Benefits
    C. Health Insurance Continuation and Conversion
    D. Domestic Abuse, Harassment, & Child Abuse
    E. Valuation of Business Interests
    F. Mediation
    G. Marital Agreements
    H. Ancillary Marital Property Actions
    I. Impact of Bankruptcy on Divorce
    J. Reconciliation Attempt

Stay current with the latest supplement!

The 2014–15 supplement reflects legal developments since publication of the eighth edition in 2013. All mandatory and standard court forms have been updated, as has the index. Author provided forms have been reviewed and updated.

  • In addition, this supplement includes an entirely new chapter, 14J, which deals with collaborative divorce. The chapter opens with a discussion of the process, and includes a sample engagement letter, sample clauses for marital settlement agreements, notices for limited appearance, and other necessary materials.

    Please note that as a result of recent Wisconsin and U.S. Supreme Court decisions, same-sex marriages, and by extension same-sex divorces, are legal in Wisconsin, and discussions and forms in the book must therefore be read as applying to, and occasionally be adapted for, same-sex couples.

Be organized and collected

Within Family Law in Wisconsin: A Forms and Procedures Handbook, you’ll discover successful strategies to collect information and cut through the clutter that often accompanies family law cases.

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*(Forms on CD with the print version and online with Books UnBound®)

8th edition authors: Gregg M. Herman and Kelley J. Shock

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