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Evidence: The Wisconsin Rules of: A Courtroom Handbook
  • AK0050
  • 978-1-57862-262-7

500+ pp.; 8th ed. 2013-2014 (Includes 2015-16 supplement)

Improve your trial performance with a quick and comprehensive guide to evidentiary rules

Whatever rule you’re looking up, the information is only seconds away in The Wisconsin Rules of Evidence: A Courtroom Handbook. It’s an essential reference for lawyers who need the rules of evidence at their command throughout a trial.

Essential information at your fingertips

You’ll locate applicable evidentiary rules and cases during trial quickly and easily, thanks to the Handbook’s tools. In the print book, these include an index, a table of cases, tabs with topical headings, and multiple cross-referencing features.

Topics include:

  • Judicial Notice
  • Presumptions
  • Relevancy
  • Privileges
  • Witnesses
  • Opinions and Expert Testimony
  • Hearsay
  • Authentication/Identification
  • Contents of Writings, Recordings, and Photographs

The 2015–16 supplement:

  • OWI: Decisions regarding expert testimony concerning a defendant’s blood alcohol level and properly admitting evidence of illegal blood alcohol concentration
  • Criminal trial: Rulings on what constitutes reversible and plain errors, the circumstances under which a criminal defendant may forfeit the right to testify, and factors that preclude the court from sequestering a witness during trial
  • Insurance disputes: Findings regarding nonexpert owner testimony concerning the value of the owner’s property and definitions from an insurance company’s website
  • Attorney-client privilege: Decision defining attorney-client privilege when a private association is being representedUpdates the Table of Cases and Index to reflect material added to the book

Succeed in court by knowing the rules

Since 1982, The Wisconsin Rules of Evidence: A Courtroom Handbook has helped trial lawyers and judges find applicable rules of evidence, available commentary on those rules, and relevant case law when they needed them most. It can do the same for you.

Order your copy today!

Authors: Hon. Thomas H. Barland and Michael J. Brose

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