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Wisconsin Construction Lien Law Handbook
  • AK0038
  • 978-1-57862-196-5

204+ pp. + CD; 3rd ed. 2007

Here's a clear, readable introduction and excellent reference source on construction lien law. In plain English, the Construction Lien Law Handbook takes on the somewhat confusing section of the Wisconsin Statutes on perfecting and enforcing liens. It discusses notices and filing deadlines, lienability of work and materials, and priority over liens, among other things, and includes checklists and forms.

The book includes a CD with the complete set of forms available in Microsoft® Word or WordPerfect® format..

Summary of contents

  1. Perfecting a Construction Lien
  2. Owner's Response to a Lien Claim
  3. Detailed Analysis of Problematic Statutory Provisions


I. Construction Lien Master Information List

II. Suggested Lien Forms

(Print version of forms is in Handbook, electronic version is on CD)

    A. Private

    • Prime Contractor Notice of Lien Rights (10-Day Notice)
    • Subcontractor Identification Notice (60-Day Notice)
    • Subcontractor Notice of Intention to File Claim for Lien (30-Day Notice)
    • Prime Contractor Notice of Intention to File Claim for Lien (30-Day Notice)
    • Prime Contractor Claim for Lien
    • Subcontractor Claim for Lien
    • Partial Satisfaction of Claim for Lien
    • Full Satisfaction of Claim for Lien
    • Waiver of Construction Lien
    • Notice of Claim-Private Bonded Project
    • Construction Lien Foreclosure: Complaint
    • Construction Lien Foreclosure: Order for Judgment

    B. Public

    • Claim for Public Improvement Lien
    • Prime Contractor Dispute of Claim for Public Improvement Lien
    • Public Demand for Payment

    C. Surety

    • Notice of Claim on Payment Bond for Public Project
    • Private Payment Bond Demand

    D. City of Milwaukee

    • Notice of Claim for City of Milwaukee Public Improvement Lien

III. Checklists

  • Construction Lien Law Checklists
  • Checklist of Important Terms

IV. Statutory Material


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