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Wisconsin Judicial Benchbook Vol 5: Probate, Guardianship and Mental Health
  • AK0029
  • 978-1-57862-212-2

411+ pp.; 4th edition, 2013

(includes 2014-2015 supplement)

Develop your case confidently using the same criteria judges use to evaluate it


When you’re preparing a probate, guardianship, or mental health case, you’ll want this volume at your side. It encompasses the multiple aspects of these areas of the law in six major sections. Written by a committee of experienced judges, this Benchbook delivers the essential rules, citations, and commentary in a handy, easy-to-use format.

Cover all your needs 

Whatever you face with probate, guardianship, or mental health cases, the Benchbook has you covered:

  • Learn conventional probate procedures, as well as probate alternatives, such as the formal termination of a life estate
  • Understand basic rules of intestate succession and the modification of trusts
  • Find out how protective services and protective placements work in guardianships
  • Become familiar with the rules for involuntary and voluntary mental commitments and commitments for alcoholism
  • And much more!

The 2014–15 supplement

Among other developments reflected in this update, the supplement:

  • Revises two chapters on trusts, and the powers and duties of trustees (and updates citations in other chapters), including the new Wisconsin Trust Code that took effect on July 1, 2014
  • Updates chapters on the Mental Health Act to reflect legislation enacted in 2014, affecting matters such as emergency detention and the admission of minors to inpatient facilities
  • Includes references to recent Wisconsin appellate court decisions involving issues such as whether a six-person jury is constitutional in a commitment proceeding under the Mental Health Act  

Know what to do 

With the Benchbook’s easy-to-follow outline format, you’ll have the practical, step-by-step guidance you need to help you represent your clients in probate, guardianship, or mental health cases.

Summary of contents

Formal Probate

  • Formal Probate Procedure
  • Wills
  • Powers and Duties of Personal Representative (Formal Probate)
  • Family Rights
  • Intestate Succession

Informal Probate

  • Informal Probate Procedure
  • Powers and Duties of Personal Representative (Informal Probate)

Probate Alternatives

  • Probate Alternatives/Summary Proceedings
  • Trusts
  • Powers and Duties of Trustees


  • Guardianship
  • Guardian of Individuals Found Incompetent
  • Protective Placement and Services
  • Guardianship of Estate of Minor
  • Guardianship of Spendthrift

Other Proceedings

  • Conservatorship
  • Power of Attorney for Health Care

Mental Health

  • Involuntary Mental Commitments
  • Alcohol Commitments
  • Criminal Commitments and Transfers
  • Voluntary Mental Admissions/Settlements
  • Patients' Rights and Records

Don’t get caught unprepared

With this great resource, you’ll know better what to expect in your case and be able to plan your strategies and decide how to proceed through each process. This will help you accurately inform your clients about what they should expect, what options may be available, and how the court may look at specific facets of their case.

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