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Juvenile Law Handbook, Wisconsin
  • AE0062

3rd ed., 2010 (includes 2014 - 15 supplement)

With the ongoing and far-reaching revision of Wisconsin juvenile law, this comprehensive handbook is an important resource for the juvenile law practitioner. Wisconsin Juvenile Law covers the provisions of both Wisconsin's Juvenile Justice Code (chapter 938) and the Children's Code (chapter 48).

You will find detailed and practical explanations of the key aspects of delinquency, CHIPS, JIPS, and UCHIPS proceedings, including the rights of the parties, the intake process, the filing of a petition, waiver of a juvenile into adult court, discovery, plea hearings, fact-finding hearings, dispositional hearings, and appeals. You will also find discussions of the termination of parental rights and parental consent for abortions.

Forms, charts, and author commentary supplement the book's thorough treatment of statutory and case law.

With your online subscription, you will receive a complete set of downloadable forms available in Microsoft® Word or WordPerfect®  format.

Stay current with the latest revision

The 2014–15 supplement, which reflects developments occurring since publication of the previous supplement in January 2013, such as

  • Legislative amendments concerning matters such as the waiver of the right to counsel; out-of-home placements of children with individualized education programs; notice in cases involving unborn children alleged to be in need of protection or services; abortion procedures; and the delegation of powers by a parent
  • Recent Wisconsin appellate court decisions addressing issues such as termination of parental rights, the timing of juvenile court petitions, and the waiver of juveniles into adult court

Summary of contents

  • Introduction
  • Rights of Children, Parents and Expectant Mothers
  • Roles of the Parties in Juvenile Court
  • Jurisdiction and Venue
  • Physical Custody
  • Intake Inquiry
  • Filing of a Petition
  • Plea Hearing
  • Discovery and Other Motion Practice
  • Fact-finding Hearing
  • Dispositional Hearing
  • Postdispositional Proceedings
  • Appeals
  • Waiver into Adult Court
  • Confidentiality
  • Contempt and Juvenile Sanctions
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Parental Consent for Minor's Abortion
  • Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act
  • Appendices
    • Chart
    • Procedure Under Chapter 938
    • Lists of Standard Juvenile Court Forms
    • List of Chapter 48 Standard Juvenile Court Forms
    • List of Chapter 938 Standard Juvenile Court Forms
    • List of Indian Child Welfare Act Standard Juvenile Court Forms
  • Forms Index
  • Subject Index

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