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PINNACLE has taken our popular print codebooks and made them even more convenient and portable. Now available as e-books, they’re downloadable to your laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Each practice-area-specific title pulls together—from all five volumes of the Wisconsin Statutes and Annotations—the official text of the relevant chapters and sections, organized and indexed for ease of use. Each title is updated annually.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Children's Code and Juvenile Justice Code, Wisconsin 2015 (E-BOOK)CHIPS/JIPS/TPRElectronic file$69 / $89
Criminal Code and Selected Traffic Statutes, Wisconsin 2015 (E-BOOK)Criminal, TrafficElectronic file$69 / $89
Elder and Disability Codebook, Wisconsin 2015 (E-BOOK)Elder,Estate PlanningElectronic file$69 / $89
Employment Law Codebook, Wisconsin 2015 (E-BOOK)Labor/Employment Electronic file$69 / $89
Probate and Estate Planning Code, Wisconsin 2015 (E-BOOK)Estate Planning, TaxElectronic file$69 / $89
Rules of Evidence Pocket Edition, Wisconsin 2015 (E-BOOK)Municipal/Gov. Issues,CriminalElectronic file$29 / $39
Sexual Orientation and the Law (E BOOK)Family, Civil Rights, Estate PElectronic file$200 / $250
Wisconsin Municipal Law Codebook 2015 (E-BOOK)Adminsitrative/Gov. IssuesElectronic file$69 / $89
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