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    State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE CLE OnDemand combines the quality of PINNACLE institutes and seminars with the ease of watching a video when and where you want. CLE OnDemand allows you to stop, start, and rewind segments as you wish, and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, eliminating travel time and expense, while still earning CLE credits.​

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Build Your Practice: Step by Step Estate Planning I - 2014Alternative Dispute Res.,CareeOn Demand$219 / $249
Build Your Practice: Step by Step Estate Planning II - 2014Alternative Dispute Res., CareOn Demand$219 / $249
Build Your Practice: The Basics of Filing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 - 2012 Bankruptcy, Consumer, CreditorOn Demand$199 / $229
Build Your Practice: The Nuts and Bolts of Collections and Creditor's Rights - 2012 Bankruptcy, Consumer, CreditorOn Demand$199 / $229
Build Your Practice:Step-by-Step Estate Planning 2 - 2013Alternative Dispute Res., CareOn Demand$219 / $249
Build Your Practice:Step-by-Step Estate Planning I - 2013Alternative Dispute Res., CareOn Demand$219 / $249
Can Mary Jane Get You Fired? - 2014Business/Corporate,Flash,GenerOn Demand$79 / $99
Car Crash Symposium - 2013Civil Litigation, Creditor/DebOn Demand$219 / $249
Complex Commercial Contracts: The Legal Principles You Need to Know for Effective Drafting - 2013Bankruptcy/Corporate, ContractOn Demand$219 / $249
Confict Waivers: What a Written Waiver Must Contain and How to Discss with Your Client - 2013Flash, General PracticeOn Demand$99 / $119
Connecting With the Trier of Fact Using Courtroom Technology - 2014Civil Litigation,Criminal,FlasOn Demand$189 / $219
Contract Drafting Issues in Wisconsin - 2014 Alternative Dispute Res., BusiOn Demand$219 / $249
Deposition Techniques for New (and Old) Lawyers - 2013Civil Litigation, Family, FlasOn Demand$79 / $99
DNA Collection Upon Arrest after Maryland v. King - 2013Flash, Appellate Practice, CivOn Demand$79 / $99
Dogs and Cats Working Together: ADR in Criminal Cases - 2013 Alternative Dispute Res. CivilOn Demand$79 / $99
Effective Advance Care Planning - 2013 Elder, Estate Planning, HealthOn Demand$219 / $249
End of Life Decisions: Practicalities & Legalities - 2013Elder, Estate Planning, FamilyOn Demand$79 / $99
Engagement Letters: Communicating With Your Client About Your Representation - 2013Flash, General PracticeOn Demand$99 / $119
Ethical Issues of Volunteer Board Membership - 2013Business/Corporate, Flash, GenOn Demand$79 / $99
Everyday Estate Planning Tools - 2014Elder,Estate Planning,FlashOn Demand$129 / $149
Eyes in the Sky: The 4th Amendment & 21st Century Technology - 2013Alternative Dispute Res., CiviOn Demand$79 / $99
Feeding the Pigs:Helping Clients Limit Fees, Interest, and Other Financial Penalties - 2013Bankruptcy, Business/CorporateOn Demand$79 / $99
GAL Training 2013 Family, Guardian ad Litem On Demand$219 / $249
GAL Training 2014Alternative Dispute Res., CrimOn Demand$219 / $249
Growing Your Practice the Right Way Using Limited Scope - 2014Flash,General PracticeOn Demand$79 / $99
Hatfields and McCoys: An Overview of Landlord-Tenant Law and Litigation - 2014Bankruptcy,Civil Litigation,CoOn Demand$219 / $249
HIPAA--It's not Just for Health Lawyers Anymore - 2013Business/Corporate, Civil LitiOn Demand$79 / $99
Home Safe Home: Wisconsin's Castle Doctrine Law and Trespasser Liability Act - 2013Civil Litigation, Criminal, GeOn Demand$99 / $119
How Will the Implementation of the Affordable Care Act Affect Wisconsin Employers? - 2013Civil Litigation, Flash, GenerOn Demand$79 / $99
Identifying and Protecting Intellectual Property - 2013Business/Corporate, Civil litiOn Demand$219 / $249
Insurance Policy Basics: Understanding Different Types - 2013Business/Corporate, Civil LitiOn Demand$79 / $99
Integrating Mediation Into Your Practice -2013Estate Planning, ProbateOn Demand$219 / $249
iPractice on an iPad - 2013Career, Civil Litigation, GeneOn Demand$219 / $249
Issue Spotting and Avoiding Pitfalls on Wage & Hour Laws - 2014Business/Corporate,Flash,LaborOn Demand$79 / $99
Judicial Selection and Recusal in Wisconsin - 2013Civil Litigation, General PracOn Demand$189 / $219
Legal Ethics 2013General Practice, FlashOn Demand$189 / $219
Legal Issues of the Aging - 2013Elder, Estate Planning, HealthOn Demand$219 / $249
Legal Issues of the Aging - 2014Business/Corporate, Elder, EstOn Demand$219 / $249
Lights, Camera, Action! Creative Storytelling at Sentencing - 2014Criminal,Flash,General PracticOn Demand$99 / $119
Litigating Your Case: Children's Court Nuts and Bolts for Guardians - 2013CHIPS/JIPS/TPR, Civil LitigatiOn Demand$219 / $249
Litigation in the Digital Age - 2013Appellate Practice, Criminal, On Demand$219 / $249
Mastering Medicare Compliance - 2013Elder, Estate Planning, InsuraOn Demand$79 / $99
Medicaid Estate Recovery: What You Need to Know - 2014Elder,Estate Planning,Flash,HeOn Demand$79 / $99
Medicare Secondary Payer Issues - 2014Civil Litigation, Elder, FlashOn Demand$219 / $249
Medicare's Interests in Settlements: Changes to Compliance in 2013Civil Litigation, Consumer, ElOn Demand$79 / $99
Mining Law Symposium - 2013Agricultural, Energy/PublicUtiOn Demand$219 / $249
Navigating the Evolving Rights of Same-Sex Marriages - 2013Civil Rights, Family, Flash, GOn Demand$79 / $99
Navigating the Rules of Appellate Procedure - 2013Alternative DisputeRes., CivilOn Demand$79 / $99
Nothing Left to Divide: Bankruptcy and Divorce - 2013Bankruptcy, FamilyOn Demand$79 / $99
Opportunities, Challenges and Issues in Retirement - 2014Alternative Dispute Res., CareOn Demand$219 / $249
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