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    State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE CLE OnDemand combines the quality of PINNACLE institutes and seminars with the ease of watching a video when and where you want. CLE OnDemand allows you to stop, start, and rewind segments as you wish, and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, eliminating travel time and expense, while still earning CLE credits.​

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27th Annual Environmental Law Update (2015)Environmental LawOn Demand$219 / $249
34th Annual Estate Planning Update - 2013Flash, Elder, Estate Planning,On Demand$219 / $249
35th Annual Estate Planning Update - 2014Elder, Estate Planning, FamilyOn Demand$219 / $249
360 Degrees of Appellate Ethics - 2014Appellate Practice, Civil LitiOn Demand$189 / $219
36th Annual Estate Planning Update (2015)On Demand$219 / $299
36th Annual Torts Update - 2013Civil Rights, Consumer, GeneraOn Demand$189 / $219
37th Annual Torts Update - 2014Civil Litigation,Criminal,FlasOn Demand$189 / $219
37th Annual Worker's Compensation Update - 2013Business/Corporate, Health, LaOn Demand$219 / $249
38th Annual Torts Update (2015)Civil Litigation Law,Torts LawOn Demand$189 / $219
38th Annual Worker's Compensation Update - 2014Business/Corporate, Health, LaOn Demand$219 / $249
39th Annual Worker's Compensation Update (2015)Worker's Compensation LawOn Demand$219 / $249
64th Annual Tax School - 2013Business/Corporate, Civil LitiOn Demand$219 / $249
65th Annual Tax School - 2014Business/Corporate, Civil LitiOn Demand$219 / $249
66th Annual Tax School (2015)Tax Law, FlashOn Demand$219 / $299
9th Annual Employee Benefits Update - 2013Health, Insurance, Labor/EmploOn Demand$219 / $249
A Day With the Experts in Criminal Defense - 2014Civil Litigation,Criminal,EvidOn Demand$219 / $249
A Duty to Help: What Lawyers and Judges Need to Know - 2013 General PracticeOn Demand$99 / $119
ABCs of Being a Child in the Legal System - 2014Criminal,Estate Planning,FamilOn Demand$219 / $249
Abraham Lincoln: A Lawyer for the Ages - 2013Civil Litigation, General PracOn Demand$189 / $219
Accidental White Collar Criminal: Preventative Strategies for Business & Employment Lawyers - 2014Business/Corporate, Civil LitiOn Demand$219 / $249
Adult GAL Basics - 2014Elder LawOn Demand$99 / $119
Adult Guardian ad Litem Training - 2012 Elder, Guardian Ad Litem, HealOn Demand$199 / $229
Advanced Topics in Commercial Real Estate - 2014Business/Corporate, Financial On Demand$189 / $219
Advanced Topics in Landlord-Tenant Law and Litigation - 2014Bankruptcy,Civil Litigation,CoOn Demand$189 / $219
All A Twitter: The Wisconsin Social Media Protection Act - 2015Civil Litigation, Labor/EmployOn Demand$79 / $99
Alternative Business Valuation Methodologies and Income Available for Support - 2014Business/Corporate,Family,FlasOn Demand$219 / $249
An Introduction to Consumer Law (2016)Flash, Consumer, Civil LitigatOn Demand$249 / $329
An Introduction to Worker's Compensation (2016)Flash, Worker's CompensationOn Demand$249 / $329
Anyone Can Leave a Legacy: Charitable Planning for the Middle Class - 2014Estate Planning,Flash,General On Demand$99 / $119
Appellate Practice in District III (2015)Flash, Appellate PracticeOn Demand$249 / $299
As I See It: Hot Topics in Child Support - 2014Family,Flash,General PracticeOn Demand$99 / $119
As I See It: Hot Topics in Maintenance - 2014Family,Flash,General PracticeOn Demand$99 / $119
As I See It: Hot Topics in Property Division - 2014Family,Flash,General PracticeOn Demand$99 / $119
Avoid the Top 10 Mistakes Made with Beneficiary - 2015Estate Planning, Probate LawOn Demand$79 / $99
Avoiding Ethical Violations from the Challenges of Modern Practice - 2013General Practice, New LawyerOn Demand$99 / $119
Baby Boomers and Retirement (2015)FlashOn Demand$99 / $149
Back to School: Special Education & the Law (2015)Flash, School LawOn Demand$99 / $149
Basic International Tax: Fundamentals for Wisconsin Attorneys - 2013Business/Corporate, Civil LitiOn Demand$99 / $119
Beyond Padilla v. Kentucky: The Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions (2015)Immigration Law,Criminal LawOn Demand$219 / $249
Blowing the Whistle: Filing, Investigating & Defending a Qui Tam Claim - 2013On Demand$189 / $219
BSL 201: Business Plans for Lawyers - 2014Business/Corporate,Civil LitigOn Demand$219 / $249
BSL 201: Business Plans for Lawyers (2015)Law Practice ManagementOn Demand$219 / $249
BSL 301: Business Principles for a Successful Law Firm - 2014Business/Corporate, Career, CiOn Demand$219 / $249
BSL 301: Business Principles for a Successful Law Firm (2015)Law Practice ManagementOn Demand$219 / $249
Build Your Practice: Addressing Children's Issues in Divorce - 2015Civil Litigation, Family, GuarOn Demand$219 / $249
Build Your Practice: An Introduction to Condemnation - 2014Civil Rights,Environmental,FlaOn Demand$219 / $249
Build Your Practice: An Introduction to Elder Law - 2015Career, Elder, Estate PlanningOn Demand$219 / $249
Build Your Practice: An Introduction to Traffic Law - 2014Civil Litigation,Criminal,FlasOn Demand$189 / $219
Build Your Practice: Basic Residential Real Estate Transactiions - 2014Career, Flash, General PracticOn Demand$219 / $249
Build Your Practice: Beyond the Basics of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 - 2015BankruptcyOn Demand$219 / $249
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