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    State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE CLE OnDemand combines the quality of PINNACLE institutes and seminars with the ease of watching a video when and where you want. CLE OnDemand allows you to stop, start, and rewind segments as you wish, and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, eliminating travel time and expense, while still earning CLE credits.​

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Intellectual Property and the Supreme Court: Important Decisions from the 2016-2017 Term - 2017 Intellectual Property LawOn Demand$89 / $139
Introduction to Equity Crowdfunding (2016)FlashOn Demand$89 / $139
Know Your Writes: Next Level Legal Writing - 2017Legal Research and Writing, FlOn Demand$249 / $329
Lawyer Confidentiality and the Use of Technology in Your Law (2016)FlashOn Demand$109 / $159
Leading the Horse To Water: Getting Tough Cases to the Mediation Table - HLE 2017Alternative Dispute ResolutionOn Demand$89 / $139
Legal & Regulatory Issues Associated with Lead in Water Service Lines - AMC 2017Environmental LawOn Demand$109 / $159
Legal Ethics 2015: Lost in the Fog? (2015)FlashOn Demand$189 / $219
Legal Ethics 2016: Rule Changes to Address the Modern Day Practice of Law - 2016Flash,Attorney RegulationOn Demand$219 / $299
Legal Issues of the Aging - 2016Elder Law,FlashOn Demand$249 / $329
Legal Issues of the Aging (2015)Elder LawOn Demand$219 / $299
Litigating a Case in Tax Court (2015)Tax Law, FlashOn Demand$79 / $99
Loopholes & Legacies: Strategies for Transferring Retirement Assets to the Next Generation (2016)FlashOn Demand$79 / $129
Making Taxes Great Again: IRS Enforcement under the New AdministrationOn Demand$89 / $139
Medicaid Planning with Irrevocable Trusts - 2017Elder Law, FlashOn Demand$89 / $139
Medicare and Medicaid: Protecting Your Client's Interest in Injury Claims - 2016Flash, Worker's Compensation LOn Demand$249 / $329
Medicare Secondary Payer: Understanding Compliance in Your Practice - 2017Worker's Compensation LawOn Demand$249 / $329
Multi-Generational Planning for Family Property (2016)FlashOn Demand$79 / $129
My First Case: Elder Law - 2015Elder LawOn Demand$129 / $149
Navigating the Challenging Health Insurance & Health Plan Environment - HLE 2017Insurance LawOn Demand$89 / $139
New Rules for Protecting Information in Court Records (2016)Civil Litigation Law, FlashOn Demand$89 / $139
New Rules to Remove Problem Tenants (2016)FlashOn Demand$89 / $139
Noncompete Law in Wisconsin: Winds of Change? (2016)FlashOn Demand$139 / $189
Not Business As Usual: Child Custody and Domestic Violence - 2015Family Law, Children and the LOn Demand$219 / $249
On Tap: The Changing Landscape of Alcohol Beverage Law - 2016Flash, Administrative LawOn Demand$219 / $299
Online Presence and Remembrance of Things Past (2016)FlashOn Demand$149 / $199
Overtime Threshold (2015)Employment Law, FlashOn Demand$79 / $99
Owner Guaranties of Family Business Debt: Risks, Rights, & RemediesBusiness LawOn Demand$109 / $159
Practical Anatomy for Lawyers - 2017Civil Litigation Law, Worker'sOn Demand$219 / $299
Preparing a Hall of Fame Appellate Brief - 2016Appellate Law,FlashOn Demand$89 / $139
Probate for the Civil Lawyer - 2017Civil Litigation LawOn Demand$249 / $329
Proving, Defending, and Resolving Adverse Possession Claims (2016)FlashOn Demand$89 / $139
Public Records, Open Meetings Update - 2016 Government Law, Civil Rights aOn Demand$219 / $299
Public Records, Open Meetings Update - 2017Government LawOn Demand$219 / $299
Public Records, Open Meetings Update (2015)Government LawOn Demand$189 / $219
Real Estate Closings After 8/1/15: All New Forms for All New Rules (6/18/15)Real Estate,FlashOn Demand$79 / $99
Remedying Financial Exploitation or Abuse of the Elderly - 2015Civil Litigation, Elder, EstatOn Demand$219 / $249
Remote Control: Legal Trends in Telecommuting Workplaces - HLE 2017Employment LawOn Demand$89 / $139
Representing Health Care Providers (2015)Health Law, FlashOn Demand$79 / $99
Responding to Requests for Mental Health Records - HLE 2016Health Law, FlashOn Demand$89 / $139
Rethinking Employment Discrimination - 2015Employment Law, Civil LitigatiOn Demand$219 / $249
Reverse Mortgages: Separating Fact From Myth (6/18/15)Elder,FlashOn Demand$99 / $119
Risk Management in Law Firms; Tips from the Insiders - 2017FlashOn Demand$109 / $159
Safe Handling of Attorney Fees (2015)FlashOn Demand$99 / $149
Same-Sex Marriage in Wisconsin: Rights, Privileges, and Obligations - 2015Civil Litigation, Civil RightsOn Demand$79 / $99
Section 1983 Litigation: From Arrest to Release - 2017Government Law, FlashOn Demand$249 / $329
Securing Information in a Mobile Health World - 2017Health Law, FlashOn Demand$89 / $139
Securities Law for Attorneys Representing Closely-Held Businesses - 2017Business Law, FlashOn Demand$109 / $159
Sexual Harassment in the WorkplaceEmployment LawOn Demand$109 / $159
Shifting Gears: Accelerate Your Practice with Consumer Fee Shifting Cases (2015)Consumer Law,Employment LawOn Demand$219 / $249
Special Needs Trusts in Personal Injury Settlements 2016Estate Planning, FlashOn Demand$89 / $139
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